Whodathunkit?! Apparantly, the general concurence amongst bloggers and 3D people is that men cook better. Fine. They should do just that then...cook away, my love! And also? I think men clean toilets better, too! *running to hand over sponge and ajax*

T and I went for a walk tonight. I am always amazed at what happens in a thirteen year old mind, so I did not take my iPod and I did not do my reallyfastwalkthatshouldmakemythighslean walk. I just listened. She asked me what normal is (aaack!). She told me about her friend that escaped from a horribly abusive father in the Ukraine that is now tracking her down to our town in order to take her and her mom back for a communal punishment. She told me about the reallycutetallboy that she met last week, and she asked me if the boy she wants to kiss still has to talk to Dad first. (The answer is YES!...and I am so glad she still believes that!) She told me that she has a hard time asking for help in math, because she is afraid people will find out that she doesn't know everything. *sigh* And she told me about another acquaintance who shoplifts rampantly AND smokes AND makes out with 20 - something year old men. (What does "make out" mean to a thirteen year old these days? I was afraid she would stop talking to me if I asked too many questions.)

This is the part that kills me, though...she thinks she is a geek. A nerd. Invisible to the kids she wants so much to be like. Aaaargh. I take that so personally! I wanted her to grow up with a sense of self that couldn't be shaken. I am sitting here in the dark wondering if I failed her, or is this what most thirteen year old girls feel?

And so - we are right back to the first question: What is normal?


Quindigo said...

1. Men cleaning toilets? P-shaw. Never in my life have I witnessed such a thing.

2. My son had the same problem not wanting to bee seen as a nerd, so we compromised: I let him talk like an ignorant street thug without correcting him, and he silently embraced his inner geek.

3. Normal, huh? That's a toughie, because I still see adults who strive to be 'normal'. Me? I go for crazy, quirky, set-your-husband-on-fire-while-he's-sleeping EVERY TIME!

Quindigo said...

"bee"...the insectal form of the verb to be (it's early).

Hopelessly Aporetic said...

LOL @ Indigo - I have a cleaning service to come do my potties twice a month whether they need it or not. And the showers, and the dusting...

As for the nerdy geek thing - WE FREAKIN' ROCK!!!

Jeff said...

Clean the toilets?!? I am the un-blocker, the guy that makes the water run free. That is my contribution to the maintenance.
(With 3 females in the house, I think I got the $h!t end of the deal)

Ah, the 13 year old girl dilemma. Well, a wise man once said to me......
"If you figure 'em out, let me know what the secret is"

Now, normal/geek. I believe we have had this discussion, and even though at 13 it is hard to grasp this fact, geeks really do rule! Just ask Bill Gates!

terri said...

Indi: Perhaps that is why I love you so...crazy, quirky, set-your-husband-on-...wait, what? Okay. I guess I am down with that, too!;)

Mike: I have toyed with that idea forever! Only, I am afraid that I would do too much "cleaning before the maid comes" that it would make the money spent on the service a waste. Or I could try to control myself and let them seriously earn their keep! HA!

Jeff: Being married to a geek, I concur heartily. But all you geeks are boys...this is a young lady! (this point came directly from her when I shared with her the feedback from my geekynerdycoolfriends.) NOW what?! ;)

Anonymous said...
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