Today is indeed better. It is the weekend I set aside for myself to get all of the random bits that I have been putting off wrapped up and put away. These random bits have been causing me considerable amounts of stress, which everyone knows I can't handle. But, my mindframe seems to be perfect for it today - I must be in task mode. That hasn't happened in quite awhile. I am actually looking forward to diving in and getting it all cleared up. Lest I make these random bits sound inconsequential, let me add that it is all governmental agency related and the ramifications will not only affect me, but others that I am obligated to. I will be ending those obligations as soon as this is all cleared up as I no longer need to take care of others' financial affairs to make ends meet for my family. And I am grateful for that...

Last night we celebrated J's birthday. I am happy to report that I was able to put aside all of my icky feelings for one day and let that man have one perfect, tension-free day and night with the family. Even the MIL was included. He truly did deserve to have a day to celebrate him.

However, it is now the day AFTER...and while I will attempt to remain angelic, I can make no promises. ;)

Okay folks - here we go! The next time you will see me I will have unloaded nine months of agony and severe stress. (geez- it sounds so akin to labor...) Bring it on!

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