So, the Terri&Niel duo hit another concert on Sunday. Well...kind of a concert. Warped Tour is supposed to be the height of the summer up-and-coming band showcases. Of course I wanted to be there! Plus, 30 STM was playing...couldn't miss it. No sir.

Let me tell you what we found: a reaaaaaaly hot parking lot. With lots of stages and booths and trash galore. And rotten adolescents (some brought by their mommies! Ha!) running amok. The entry guard made us toss our carefully planned water bottles full of Raspberry Rum, and even one open bottle of water, (alcohol abuse!!) so I couldn't even anesthetize myself enough to block out the children. (I use wine at home for that purpose.) The highlight was finding some young bands who really wanted us to check out their music, asking us to listen through headphones and watching our faces for reactions.

Sidenote: One young man was so eager and his music was truly good, and I was thrilled that we had taken a chance on buying his wares. His eagerness to please wore on me when he announced "Yeah, mom's always like us." And then that child smiled and nodded to Niel in quite the conspiratory fashion - he apparently thought she was my beautiful daughter. Talk about a fall down to Earth. After a quick adding, we discovered she could indeed be my offspring! Hmmm. I should be so lucky! ;) Anyway...I digress.

We mapped out the bands we wanted to listen to: Aiden (good), Greeley Estates (omg - the screaming woven throughout the lyrics about killed me!), Less Than Jake(never made it, but I have always liked them), and 30 STM. All of that planning and waiting for the appropriate stage times and wading through rivers of trash and sledge put quite an edge on my expectations of the bands and their audiences. I was truly sad when we left the one stage that made us the happiest (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts) to get in line for 30 STM. Although we could still hear her, I wish we would have stayed to see her in action. That girl still has all of the prowess she employed in the '80's. Unbelievable. 30 STM? Yeah. People pressed in like sardines. On the pavement. In 104 degree heat. Not to mention the crowd busters who would lock their arms and start plowing through the crowd to get closer to the stage. Believe it or not - I have learned nothing from my YeahYeahYeah concert experience. I almost threw down at least twice...Niel is so darn little and makes a nice target for big dumb*sses who want to get through quickly. Ugh. The mommy in me wanted to teach them some manners, fgs! We ended up exiting that crowd and sitting on a curb out of view of the stage for the remaining two songs...and decided right then and there that we had received quite enough from the skaterpunk/gothwanna-be fourteen year olds. We left. And waded back through the rivers of trash created by these disrespectful Coloradoan teens. To think some of them were brought there by their own parents. For shame.

The coolest part of the day? Getting some new CD's. The absolute best part of the day? Hanging with a friend that will try anything - and makes everything fun even in the worst of environments. The lesson learned from the day? I don't like Warped Tour. That knowledge will save me some money next year.
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