Road Damage Ahead

I am not a fan of riding the motorcycle on dirt roads, but this one was only partially dirt. The other part of the road was pavement from prehistoric times. It was a rough road any way you slice it. 
 The view, though!
So very lovely. 

It looks like it will be my last ride on the back of the bike as a single lady -I am getting married in 20 days. 20 days. Twenty days. TWENTY DAYS.
Lord, have mercy. 


That's What Friends Are For

We have a girlfriend who gets to go on lots of dates. She really is that charming and lovely!

Goodnaturedly, she has allowed us to start a pool on which of her many suitors will make it to the next level.

What she didn't know is that we would do our own reconnaissance during her dates.

We involved the bartender, the hostess, the server, AND the other guests in the restaurant - and so we got the job done.

The man in question will survive to see another date with our approval. Lucky guy!! 


Annoying Things Pt.367551

Seriously. When looking for a recommendation, why do you have to qualify it as being a request for a GOOD recommendation? Do you have people in your world who routinely set you up for failure by giving you bad suggestions?

"In Search Of: Mechanic. Must be trustworthy and competent. Not too expensive."

Really? Do you think there would have been someone thinking, "Oh! I know a great mechanic, but now that you say that you need someone trustworthy and competent...well, that one is out." Good thing you clarified ahead of time! Think of all of the untrustworthy, incompetent and overpriced mechanics your friends and family would have suggested to you.

Or this one: "Looking for free or cheap lawnmower. Must run great and be in excellent condition."

I am sorry - what you are looking for is a new lawnmower and those must be purchased at (or near) MSRP. Or stolen, I guess.

Maybe I should start ignoring those types of posts instead of answering with my favorite response: "???".



I am dangerously prickly and sullen lately. Quick to take offense - and sure to give it. Being known for my rays of sunshine and optimism, this is hard to reconcile! I honked and "gestured" at someone who cut me off (he pulled up next to me and apologized), I refused to engage in an argument with a client and ended up losing his business (not because I was taking the high road...I simply didn't care enough to exert energy on him), and have been randomly glaring at one household child or another (so I am told).  I feel yucky on the inside but don't have enough spunk to commit to a change. 

I need a pep rally or something. I can see it now: Go! Fight! Be nice! 


Bye Little Birdie

Jeremy is a senior this year. I have already grown and graduated a senior child (she graduated from both high school AND college), but this time seems to be different. I am not sure if it's because my daughter insisted on doing everything herself and making sure that I didn't stick my nose in her business, or if it's because I actually understand now what it means for a child to graduate and go on about their life without you. 

I am panicking a little. It's not that I don't want them to have their own lives...it's that I don't want them to have their own lives without me. And yes, I have already inquired: Jeremy will NOT let me attend college with him next year. 

Bummer. Maybe the youngest will.  


A Spring Lament

It's that season-in-between-seasons here in Colorado. Not Winter anymore and not really Spring yet - but almost. It still gets below freezing at night and can snow any given afternoon if there are enough clouds. Even if the forecast says 61 degrees.

We are past the Spring Equinox, and that should mean something!

All it really means to me is that I wore the wrong thing to work again today.


Nom. And more Nom.

I can tell you without a doubt that I will need to take cooking classes before I walk down that aisle again.

In the last 11 years, the percentage of meals prepared by me for me and my little tribe is maybe an optimistic 45%. The percentage of meals prepared by me for me and my sweetheart is around 9%.The rest of our eats have been prepared by fantastic restaurateurs.

While I really enjoy those percentages, I am pretty sure that cooking meals for my man will increase my chances of staying married in the future. I want to have at least a 50% success rate of marriage when it's all told. So far my percentage rate is 0.

How many nights in a row can you serve grilled cheese and tomato soup before it starts getting redundant? Asking for a friend.

Road Damage Ahead

I am not a fan of riding the motorcycle on dirt roads, but this one was only partially dirt. The other part of the road was pavement fr...