My Foot - Too Big To Swallow...

So...it's the weekend. I am literally sighing big exhales of relief. Why do some weeks take a month to get through?!

I took my handsome husband to retrieve his motorcycle from the shop yesterday, and while we were there he wanted to show me the saddle bags he had ordered - and spent a fortune on. Ohmygawd...I felt so bad. They are hard and shiny and give every appearance of belonging on a tourist cycle! Old man saddle bags, even. And of course, my mouth opened before my brain kicked in to censor, and I told him exactly what I thought.

I am no longer allowed as a passenger.

It is going to take alot of steak and potatoes and random tricks of the trade (yeah, that trade. Not that I ever was in that trade...I just read alot.) to get my behind back on the black beast.

At least I have goals...
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