Ha! I corrected someone the other day (he was being quite snarky to me, so I used English as my weapon of choice) for saying insure when he meant ensure. Now, as I am looking through my past entries I find that I have used elude instead of allude. Karma sucks sometimes.

So...we are going to try counseling. I have always enjoyed talking, so the prospect of having a paid, captive audience is attractive. Unfortunately, Marriage Counsel usually entails both parties be present. I am not so crazy about that.

I know I am being cute-sy about this...in reality, I am only doing this because I think I owe my children every chance they can get at a complete, happy family with two parents. Otherwise, I think I could be perfectly happy just packing it in and walking away. Take notes Gentlemen - the "C" word destroys something in women. It is a killer of feelings.

A friend and I were talking about Sex Dreams tonight. You know the kind - the ones where you dream you have amazing, wild, freaky-as-sh*t sex with the guy/girl that works in the office next to you, or delivers the linens...whatever. I personally get emotionally attached to that person for a period of time. The blushing, the giggling, the doe eyes - every single one of those things contrived from just one really good dream! Of course that attachment only works out satisfactorily if the person is not a complete YUK in real life. I am also always relieved when the feelings finally wear off! Especially the guilty part.

Does this silly schoolgirl feeling happen to everyone? How do men react to the Sex Dream conundrum?

The Human Psyche is so incredible...
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