I got to work with my old crew last night! Oh I know, it was volunteer and it was serving food to people who paid waaaay too much money to eat in a "special" area of the Stampede and NOT with the common folk...but it was with my old crew. Although I have not forgotten how much I miss them, I had forgotten how good it is to be with them.

Some of them I have known since they were 15 years old. Back then they were just starting out as a hostess or dishwasher, little awkward gangly people - and now they are 22 years old! And oh, so talented. One of my girls is moving to Pittsburgh with the chef (ugh...the egomaniacal slug who wouldn't serve the gravy...) , another is going to NY to attend more TV and Movie school (watch for her - she is gonna be HUUUGE!), and another will be a musician come h*ll or high water.

And they still love Mama T.

I wish it was possible to go back in time. It's not true that you can always go home.

P.S. I attended my very first Country&Western concert - Sugarland. I am happy to report that it wasn't bad at all!


Jeff said...

I'm just back from some time away, been out of the loop. Sounds like you've had a busy week. Things are working out for you. I'm really thrilled to hear that. It's awesome, and you deserve it! (oh, except for Gravy Boy's girlfriend.....sorry 'bout that)

terri said...

Hey Jeff! Nice to have you home...if even for just a little bit. Yeah, Gravy Boy sucks. ;)