I got to work with my old crew last night! Oh I know, it was volunteer and it was serving food to people who paid waaaay too much money to eat in a "special" area of the Stampede and NOT with the common folk...but it was with my old crew. Although I have not forgotten how much I miss them, I had forgotten how good it is to be with them.

Some of them I have known since they were 15 years old. Back then they were just starting out as a hostess or dishwasher, little awkward gangly people - and now they are 22 years old! And oh, so talented. One of my girls is moving to Pittsburgh with the chef (ugh...the egomaniacal slug who wouldn't serve the gravy...) , another is going to NY to attend more TV and Movie school (watch for her - she is gonna be HUUUGE!), and another will be a musician come h*ll or high water.

And they still love Mama T.

I wish it was possible to go back in time. It's not true that you can always go home.

P.S. I attended my very first Country&Western concert - Sugarland. I am happy to report that it wasn't bad at all!
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