Here are my sweet babies...and the other pic is the reason why where I live has a reputation...we fool ourselves by calling it the smell of money. Bah!
I tried desperately to post these with my entry last night, but ended up falling aslep at my desk while waiting for my 'puter - or BlogSpot- to right itself again and allow me to do so. Story of my life. I am asking the Tooth Fairy (who is coming tonight for my middle child) for a NEW life. Or a new 'puter. I already got the new BlogSpot.


Quindigo said...

I believe you might be unstoppable with a new 'puter. ;)

terri said...

Indi:I believe you might be right! I would love the chance to find out...;)

furyouhin said...

Those are some pretty well-behaved cattle. either that or your town has a heck of a lot of liability insurance riding on those horns.

and yes, cute kids too. no idea if they are well behaved enough to march down the middle of main street ;)

terri said...

Hey MissFury!

LOL! The town is carrying liability insurance on my kids as well...;)