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We are strands of barbed wire.

With sharp words that shred and gouge each other, we try to protect our boundaries. We position ourselves for maximum security, minimal intrusion.

Our strength lies in steely resolution. It is maintained through tautness and and a resistance to the elements.

How lonely.

Let's, you and I, align ourselves. Let's entangle in such a way that our barbs don't dig at one another. Let's use our strength and stark beauty to bring peace to our granted parcels of earth, and to establish boundaries where nothing but love may enter.

Let's support each other's purpose.

Let's entwine.


Jenni Conner said...

I love the message through this post. It's all very visual and meaningful. And oh so true. :)

Laoch of Chicago said...

Nice thought.

terri said...

Thank you Jenni and LOC - every once in awhile my words and thoughts will match my pictures. And when it does I jump all over it! :)

CausedByKarma said...

"every once in awhile my words and thoughts will match my pictures"
and that they do. bravo!

Anonymous said...

Tightly woven imagery,
wrapped in a package
of meaning, capped off
with a great picture.

terri said...

Thank you so much CBK and Anon - you sure know how to make a girl feel good!

Haphazardkat said...

brilliance. You have created Art with your words.
I love it :)

terri said...

Wow! Thank you, Kat. Very sweet. :)