Aaargh! It finally happened...I cleaned house on Friday Night. OMG. Friday Night. I cleaned...I feel sick to my stomach saying that. Friday Night is sacred, isn't it? 'Tis the night you get together with your friends after work for a couple 'o cold ones, then get dropped off at home to change your clothes to meet up with that special someone for a nice dinner, go back home, change your clothes again to go dancing, then cap it off with a nice breakfast at Perkins if the mood does not strike to have breakfast in bed! Isn't that how it goes?

I cleaned house. Ugh.

On a high note, I got to spend some time with some new music. I want to yell to everyone at the top of my lungs: you must go buy you some GhostMachine! (More about that in a minute.) I also listened to Wolfmother which I think is gonna be a constant in my life, and my new Dropping Daylight CD which my middle son now knows every lyric to. And alternately plays the guitar or drums, depending on the availability of a flat surface. He has talent, I am sure of it! *I say as his mother...*

I got myself in alot of hot water this week at work. I know nothing of institutional workings or corporate trappings...I have been employed by locally owned restaurants or businesses for my whole adult life. This being said, I am learning slowly what kind of grease makes the wheels turn in order to get things done the way you want. Connections, baby! Of which I made a wrong one.
All I wanted was a flat screen for my 'puter, and the guy who was installing them in priority order promised that he could get me one ASAP. He made some calls, some lady comes to my desk, deems it incredibly debilitating and ergonomically incorrect, and writes a report stating I need a flatscreen immediately. Cool. Except then the report goes to occupational health - they in turn fire off a letter to my department leader demanding a complete new workstation. At my departments expense. My boss was LIVID! That afternoon was quite rough in my little world, but I accepted responsibility like a champ. Apparently, my capitulation to his workover made him feel bad 'cause when I arrived at work the next morning, on my desk were two new CD's...and a newly installed keyboard tray. No, no flat screen, but the aforementioned GhostMachine is awesome. By the way, the guy that promised me the goods "has been removed from his position" for over three weeks now. He must have made LOTS of vows that he could not keep...and I have in the meantime formed some connections that will not be so detrimental.


Katatonic said...

HI Terri,
Thanx for coming to my new spot.
I love your writing very honest and entertaing as well.

As soon as I figure out how to make a links list, you'll be on it.
Can ya feel the love?


Rebecca said...

I NEEDED to clean house on a Friday night. Unfortunately, I did not. Hehe

Just Jock said...

Sometimes it amazes me how much the corporate world is like grade school. I was going to say high school, but that was giving too much credit.

Home on Friday night, eh? You must be a newbie to this getting old crap.

Jeff said...

Friday night and the IT department. Wow, two really controversial topics. (I've been checking out the music too, haven't got too far with that yet Breaking Benjamin and Tool, comparible?)

Friday night has certainly evolved. I don't always like where it has gone, but at least I'm still here to experience it. Cleaning house? I think there's some other dark monster involved in that!

The work thing.... get what you want out of it. No one else is going to pipe up for you, and considering the ammount of time you have to spend there, they may as well make you comfortable and HAPPY! Remember, happy workers = productive workers! If you know you're needed, get what you want!

Quindigo said...

I'm wondering if you have your own wardrobe staff for all the outfit changes that normally take place during the weekend...?

On Friday night, this party animal was passed out on the couch by 9:00. I like to call it maturity. (hahaha!)

terri said...

Hey Kat! I can feel the love for sure! ;)

Rebecca: turns out, it gets just as dirty on Saturday - almost like it was never clean. aaargh!

Jock: A newbie? Hmmm...gawd please don't tell me there is a veteran status to living an inert life. I will just scissor my veins now...;)

Jeff: gonna tell them that at work tomorrow. "Get me the flat screen. I want to be happy. Happy=productive. Productive=boss happy." I will let you know how that goes...I will prolly just get more CD's! ;)

Indi: I think you and I could really tear up the town together. I will have you home before dawn, I promise! :)