I think I had a robot visit me today...79 comments is the report I got, but funny - I only have like 25 posts! Where did the other 50 random bits of nothing that I am afraid is harmful go? Hmm.

Today I remembered something...something I used to live by, but somehow gave up in the last year. I am still in charge of who I want to be and where I want to go . I know it sounds so ... I dunno...pollyann-ish, juvenile, smarmy (there is an adjective I am looking for! What IS it?), but it's still true. This living in the internet world seems to give us a mirror to who people THINK we are, and it is easy to capitulate to that image. But at some point I think its important to buck that trend and continue to alter ourselves in the REAL world. I know I need to make some serious changes, and start dreaming some progressive dreams before those changes just HAPPEN to me, and there is no time left for dreaming.

So just who is it that I want to be? And where is it that I want to go? Hmmm...
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