So, my children think Dad is a better cook than Mom. I don't know what to do with that piece of information. I know that my daughter will always think Dad is better than Mom, 'cause that's just how girls are! And while it stings, I can understand and sometimes even deal with that. Now... aren't my boys supposed to think I hung the moon? I know they think I am pretty cool, and I know they come to me with all their littleboyproblems and littleboyprojects, but how can they possibly agree that Dad cooks better? That blows my mind. I am gonna cook the most awesome dinner tomorrow...and then I will eat it all by myself. Hmmph.

I got to see Niel tonight, and oh, how good it was for my soul. I have a friend that makes me belly laugh while shopping for toothpaste at Target. I have a friend that will listen to the same song over and over (complete with choreography), bellowing the lyrics through the sunroof, and still get chills everytime the opening guitar riff stirs. I have a friend who changes the way I live in any given moment...her very prescence calms and revives me simultaneously. And she is crazy as h*ll. I am blessed.

Have a good road trip with the Howmiester, Niel...and don't let NIN make you speed TOO much!
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