So, my children think Dad is a better cook than Mom. I don't know what to do with that piece of information. I know that my daughter will always think Dad is better than Mom, 'cause that's just how girls are! And while it stings, I can understand and sometimes even deal with that. Now... aren't my boys supposed to think I hung the moon? I know they think I am pretty cool, and I know they come to me with all their littleboyproblems and littleboyprojects, but how can they possibly agree that Dad cooks better? That blows my mind. I am gonna cook the most awesome dinner tomorrow...and then I will eat it all by myself. Hmmph.

I got to see Niel tonight, and oh, how good it was for my soul. I have a friend that makes me belly laugh while shopping for toothpaste at Target. I have a friend that will listen to the same song over and over (complete with choreography), bellowing the lyrics through the sunroof, and still get chills everytime the opening guitar riff stirs. I have a friend who changes the way I live in any given moment...her very prescence calms and revives me simultaneously. And she is crazy as h*ll. I am blessed.

Have a good road trip with the Howmiester, Niel...and don't let NIN make you speed TOO much!


Hopelessly Aporetic said...

Sorry Kiddo, but isn't it obvious that all of the greatest chefs in the world are men? I'm not saying this is definitely true over at your house (and I am sure you are probably a marvelous cook), but if you ask my kids who the better cook is between their mom and I you will find that it is no contest. The woman simply overcooks everything. Someone needs to tell her, "See the settings labelled "Low" and "Med" on those knob thingies? You might want to try using them once in a while. Oh, by the way, God did not necessarily intend that everything should be prepared in a Microwave..."

I honestly can't recall ever having seen Emeril use one now that I think about it.

Jeff said...

Well, I guess if the glass is going to be half-full, then Dad should do the cooking for a while. Mom should just wait until her absence from cooking makes her food taste better. (That's why I don't mind being the lesser cook in the house :-))

Quindigo said...

Cooking vs. Baking.

Ask them who makes better friggin' desserts, 'cause isn't that more important at the end of the day?

terri said...

Mike: Truth is, I really am NOT a marvelous cook. I just thought I had fooled the children at least. What happened to blind love for mommy and all that she does??!!

Jeff: Yeah! Absence makes the food taste better! (We went out to eat tonight. I couldn't "stomach" the competition just yet...) ;)

Indi: ummmm...could I get some recipes? My babies think DQ is dessert. And my daughter makes better cookies than I do, or so the fam says. *sigh*

Niel said...

Oh T I had SO MUCH fun last night!!! We did make it to Kansas okay...and a few minutes faster thanks to the amazing acceleration powers of NIN. (But I had to do the choreography alone...not as fun). TerriBerri, I love you dearly, and I think cooking's stupid anyway (think of the cooks you know from Kenny's...Feel better?) ...I just made you up to make me laugh...and it worked...YES IT DID!!

terri said...

My Niel: I am so glad you have made it to Kansas(? kansas?) safe and sound!

I just have one question for you: Why do you get all the love in the world?!?!?!

...including mine! ;)t

Anonymous said...
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