School Supply Shopping - an honored tradition every fall. This year, I have three children in school. (Have you seen the current lists?! They are extensive and excessive! I really do understand now the Supply Drives that they hold for the children who have no family resources to provide these things.) I am sad to report that School Supplies still hold the same vanity point previously set when I was in school. The children are very quick to point out which items are not appropriate to their level of personal cool-ness. And, thanks to well placed advertising (that they are bombarded with all summer long) they know exactly which items will catapult them into classroom infamy. I think that I held a middle ground on which items I acceded to, and which ones I nixed. So I am, in their minds, sort of concerned about their reputations. (Good grief! If they only knew!)

Because I want to be cool with my peers as well, I spoiled myself with a new stack of 100 CD-R's and multicolored Sharpies to decorate them with. I wanted to get the purple camo messenger bag, but my inner-mommy reminded me that I have three black ones from previous years that I never use. Ugh. My inner-mommy can be so lame sometimes...;)
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