I Have a Dream...

Okay...I HAD a dream. And it woke me up, too. I woke up shaking with fear that I had finally given in to the dark side of me and was going to do the Big Beautiful Nasty with a man that was NOT my husband.

It wasn't a sexual dream. I knew the man in real life...he was someone I enjoyed kissing a million years ago before saying "I Do".

I ran into him in my dream at some random house where I was to celebrate Thanksgiving. I intended to throw my arms around his neck and kiss him on the cheek, but the closest I got was him putting his hands on my hips and leaning down to brush his lips against my ear. I think he said something, but as I placed my hands on his hips in return - I knew it was all over, and all I can remember was the roaring in my ears of my face flushing. I was going to give this man everything I am. Body, heart and soul.

And then I woke up.

And I realized that I am so f*cking starved for physical and emotional contact...I actually think my skin is crying out LOUD to be touched.

There was a study that came out recently that women who have an active and vital sex life are much more attention getting and attractive to other humans - something about the pheromones they give off.

I am disappearing.

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