Rocky Mountain High...

(if you click on this, you can see the moose just hanging out on the golf course. Silly moose. There are golfers not 50 feet away and still they are staying on the green. Someone call fore!)

I finally got a little road trip, anyway. It made me miss my mom.
She used to live up in Woodland Park, CO, and going to visit her in the fall was a like visual candy. The colors, the vistas, the lighting - all perfect.

The boys and I drove up the canyon to Estes Park today and honestly, we had the best time. They had gotten up early and cleaned their room, eaten their breakfast and did not bicker one time. What was my reward for them? Sticking them in a car and making them go up where the temperature was freezing, the wind was howling, and made them hike in and out of the woods. We stopped at every sunny place along the river, and anywhere the trees appeared to be changing color. It was awesome!

Anyway, I find myself partial to the shots that I think will make my mom homesick...

I think that is called emotional manipulation. Ugh.

It's so different to drive somewhere just to enjoy the scene. I forgot there was such intense beauty just up the road.

I also forgot to send out the memo to the other drivers on the road that I was a tourist today...I wanted to shout to them to slow down and enjoy themselves! Where could they have possibly needed to get to at such an unhappy clip?! They wanted to shout at me to hurry up or get out of the way. In fact, I think they DID shout that...I have a hard time reading lips in the rear view mirror, but I am a strong believer in body language speaking louder than words. Especially The Finger type of body language.

Anyway, I can't think of a better way to have spent my Sunday. It could only have been topped if a live band would have been in the car with me...

One more thing...Here is a bench for Katya's collection. It was 60 feet away from the moose on the golf course, but I decided it was worth putting my life in danger to get it! ;)

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