Ramble On, White Girl...

First off, I would like to suggest to you all a terrific wine to try - Montoya Vineyard, Cabernet, Proprietor's Collection, 2003 - it is heavenly. I am in my office with a glass of it right now.

Next-Blogging I am not doing, though. *whew*

You all know that I am huge on Nine Inch Nails, Audioslave, Breaking Benjamin,Tool, GhostMachine, 30 Seconds to Mars and Seether et al. So it was a large yet pleasant surprise to me when I started attending Ramble shows...particularly WhiteWater Ramble shows. Niel is the one to blame for this - she is the lovely girlfriend of Howard (middle), the upright bass player. Magnificent is he on his instrument, and wonderful is the whole band together. I dance myself silly at their shows.

A couple of weekends ago I had the opportunity to attend West Fest with Niel and Howie to see Nickel Creek. This group was so enjoyable - fantastic guitar and rhythm accented pleasantly by a girl with a voice akin to DiDo...or Loreena Mckinnet.

Because it was an outdoor show, I brought THE camera, thinking I could get some good shots of the mountains at sunset in Fort Collins, and of course Nickel Creek. The camera was a hit with the other photographers, and it was neat to have random people stop to examine it and ask questions about all of its amazingness. However, as I prepared to take only my third or fourth pic, a boy in a yellow jacket appeared in front of me - his face serious, his mouth saying NOTHING I could understand. I had handed my cam to Howie (because he is taller) so that he might get a better shot at the stage than I could expect at my short height. That silly yellow jacketed boy was pointing and mumbling something about "...or I will have to confiscate your camera". I smiled obligatorily - what a jokester - until I realized that he was for REAL. The boy was apparently responsible for policing all camera use in the area and was telling us to put it away or he would take my beautiful new toy! Whaaa?! I, of course, put it away for the rest of the show, but I want you to see the pic I DID get (with my little P.O.S. concertcamera). What do you see? Video cameras, phone cameras, digital cameras all around. Do you think he visited any of them? Nope. Not a single shooter - only me. I think it's because (or I flatter myself by thinking that) I looked like paparazzi.
I will have you know that I told him at the end of the show that he hurt my feelings. He tried to explain that he was only doing his job, and that he didn't see anyone else and that he was sorry - and I refused to forgive him. I simply said he obviously WASN'T doing his job if the only person he saw was poor little ole me. And I walked away. Very dramatically. Take THAT, camerastealingyellowjacketboy. HA!

Quickly, I want to encourage you to go see another Jam/Ramble band that I had the opportunity to visit last weekend...Split Lip Rayfield is one of those tremendous talents that will come to an end long before they are ready. One of the members(front man & guitarist Kirk Rundstrom, far left) was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma and has only 1-4 months to live. They are making their last rounds through America with all ticket sales going to his medical fund. I am honored that I was able to be in attendance during their last CO show...

Ramble On, Kirk Rundstrom. I will be one of the ones you see dancing my *ss off to the bass and mandolin...with my camera 'round my neck.


BriGuy said...

Nickel Creek is great. I only discovered them within the past year, but I love their music.

Niel said...

I simply love reliving our concert moments through your blog...You bring alive the joys, sorrows, triumphs, and dance-a-thons that we always experience throughout the long and sweaty nights! : ) I'm really glad that we got the opportunity to see Split Lip too, and How said that there was well over $1,000 bucks raised that night, which is awesome. Thanks for letting me come over last night and get in a little Mama T time before I had to trot to class (which by the way was as horrible as I thought it was going to be.) I love you T...Have a beautiful Wednesday! N

Just Jock said...

I'm glad you get to dance. What's life without music and dancing. Not worth living, if you ask me.

Quindigo said...

Tell me that you threw in a slight foot stomp and exasperated sigh as you walked away, right? All good drama queens should have a signature mark ;)

terri said...

Hello BriGuy!

...I hit your blog the other night in my marathon, didn't I? You are the young man *g* in a kilt who came to CO for a wedding. Woohoo! Nice to see you again.
You should definitely get yourself a copy of Nickel Creek covering Brittany Spears' "Poison". It gives song amazing credibility - awesome!

Niel: I don't think that I shall ever be able to attend a show without you ever again. You will have to roll me around in my wheelchair when I get to old to push to the front barriers...;)

Jock: I agree with you wholeheartedly. What is life without music and dancing?! Why, music and dancing IS my life! ;)

Indi: I not only gave a dainty stomp and a toss of my hair, I may have also simpered when I sighed, and that young man was STILL apologizing when I was walking away. It was very drama queen-y. And beer garden induced. LOL!