Everyone Else Is Doing It

101 random things about me...

1. I love my name. In lower case.
2. I am an only child.
3. But I have 2 step-brothers, one half-brother, and three adopted siblings.
4. My parents divorced when I was 15.
5. They tried to divorce once when I was 13...but it didn’t work.
6. My father is a preacher – Nondenominational Charismatic.
7. My mother is not any organized religion.
8. But she believes in a Supreme Deity.
9. I haven’t been to church in about 6 months.
10. But we pray before every meal.
11. My favorite color is purple – or red. Also depends on the day.
12. I only wear black, white, red or brown.
13. I smoke. Involuntarily.
14. I am an insomniac.
15. I prefer Letterman over Leno.
16. I hate chores and paying bills.
17. I drink too much wine every other week.
18. I used to pick up hitch-hikers.
19. I am a compulsive photographer. Not a good one, just compulsive.
20. I have been pregnant 6 times.
21. I have had 4 babies.
22. I never wanted children.
23. But I am so proud of the ones I have.
24. I don’t like food, but I eat plenty.
25. I could eat the same thing for every meal every day for the rest of my life.
26. I forget to drink water for days on end.
27. I drink way too much coffee.
28. I am not a morning person but I love the sunrise.
29. Unless I am riding in a car – it makes me nauseous.
30. When I was 14 I went to Sweden as a teen missionary.
31. When I was 19 I learned how to read Tarot Cards and chart astrology.
32. I am a bookworm.
33. I never remember what I have read or who it was by.
34. I get confused sometimes about whether something really happened to somebody I know, or if I just read about it somewhere.
35. I hate the TV.
36. But I love Rescue Me on FX.
37. And Grey’s Anatomy.
38. I cry when they vote people off of reality survival shows.
39. I don’t really cry – I am more of a sobber.
40. I hated the Passion of the Christ.
41. I felt like I had viewed the murder of a man for 1 ½ hours – I felt dirty.
42. I did not feel grateful that God gave us His only son so that we could have life everlasting – I was really p*ssed off that He made the rules so that someone had to die. I never asked for anyone to be murdered for me.
43. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t be grateful and say thank you.
44. I still can’t.
45. I refuse to pay more than $35 for a concert ticket.
46. I buy a new CD every single time I go to Target.
47. I have a 4.0 in college.
48. But I can’t finish my degree because I keep dropping my Algebra course so I don’t ruin my GPA.
49. I am a passionate supporter of new bands – until they make it.
50. I have attachment disorder.
51. So does my mother.
52. We are attached to each other, though.
53. I dye my hair ...and pull out the gray ones when I can see them in my rear view mirror.
54. I met my husband when I was 16.
55. We broke up 38 times before we got married.
56. He married me because I told him he had to or move out of my apartment.
57. We have been married for 16 years.
58. I have never physically cheated on him since saying our vows.
59. We have attempted to sort things out in marriage counseling two times, each time lasting 6 months.
60. Both times we came out thinking that our counselor was crazier than we were.
61. We are going to try it again.
62. I have had West Nile Virus.
63. I am 36.
64. I forget that I am 36 until I see myself in the mirror.
65. I am steeped in End Time Theory.
66. I was taught that the world would end in 1988, 1991 & 1995.
67. I never chose a career for the future because I thought there was no point in it.
68. Now I refuse to think about the end of the world – and I unreasonably plan to be everything when I grow up.
69. I am a dabbler in many things, professional at nothing.
70. I am all or nothing with everything I take on.
71. I would rather clean the toilets than do dishes or laundry.
72. I hate baby showers and birthday parties.
73. Unless they are at a pub.
74. I am a Republican.
75. And a Patriot.
76. I am ashamed that I hate the president I voted for.
77. I am a carrier for strep throat.
78. I am married exactly the same amount of years my parents were when they divorced.
79. I traded my sports car in for a mini-van, and my mini-van in for a Pontiac Vibe.
80. I have 14,000 miles on the Vibe – I have had it for 2 ½ years.
81. I hate grocery shopping – you buy the food and then people eat it all up. Nothing to show for your money!
82. I love text messaging and e-mail.
83. I refuse to use short hand while texting.
84. I hate talking on the phone.
85. I would love to have been Greek.
86. Before the Romans took over.
87. I have one pet – the Skeeter Cat.
88. I found her in a mud puddle when she was approximately 4 weeks old.
89. I let her drink out of the bathroom faucet.
90. I don’t enjoy play dates.
91. Unless it is at a pub.
92. I have never done any illegal drugs.
93. Except one time I smoked some pot, but then I got really paranoid and made my friends take me to the ER because I was OD’ing.
94. They gave me a sandwich and sent me home.
95. I have many piercings, but no tattoos.
96. But it is on my list of things to do before I die.
97. I was a cheerleader through junior high and high school.
98. I dated my husband because he had a 65 Mustang. We still have it.
99. I love to sleep on the couch.
100. I am an internet junkie.
101. This year I went crazy – and I haven’t come back completely right yet.


lyssard said...

Wow! I'm surprised to say that I only learned a couple of things about you...and could add another 100!! BTW, I saw your daughter last night. She is blossoming into quite the young woman and is going to be very striking! You are going to have your hands full in about two years when she grows into those legs!! You should be a very proud mama! :) lyss

terri said...

Thanks, MissLyss! Where did you see my girl at? Was she at the bar again?

How about YOU write a 100 things for me? And for you? ;)

Katatonic said...

Hi Terri,
I loved your 101. I half ass did one a long long time ago. This makes me think maybe I'll work on that again.
I learned alot and now - like you more than ever.

Marla said...

We have much in common Ms. Terri except there is no way I could eat the same thing every day. We barely eat leftovers in my house!

Rebecca said...

I love this. Maybe I will attempt it on my blog, IF I can think of a 101 random things. My favorite is your #101. Believe me, sanity is WAY overrated. Its best to stay on the side of semi-crazy. Its alot more FUN that way....muhahahaha!

terri said...

Kat likes me! She really LIKES me! WOOHOO!:)
Can't wait to read yours, my dear.

Marla: yeah, leftovers don't work for my family either. But if I was alone, I could exist on PB&J's forever. Forever, I say.;)

Becca: I am excited to read your 101, and believe me, you will find that you can add a whole lot more once you get started. And I am down for anything that is fun...including being crazy. LOL

f:lux said...

I think we could really get along - I'd do your dishes and laundry if you'd clean my bathroom, then we could go down the pub together! Ace!!

terri said...

When can you arrive, F? I have some piles of darks and lights that need attention ASAP. Oh, and we have no clean forks.

Happy hour starts at 3.

Slight Clutter said...

I think your love of sleeping on the couch might stem from your being an insomniac. I also love the couch. I'm also an insomniac. The logic might be faulty, but then again...I may very well be on to something. ;)

4.0 GPA?!? Screw Algebra!


f:lux said...

Oh, how I wish...

Hey, I've been thinking about your list a lot since you posted it, and though I'm many, many miles away and am just getting to know you, I was wondering - where's the music?

Or is that a whole serious other list? :)

terri said...

Katya: Your logic seems sound to me.

But then again...I can't get through the d*mn colleg algebra class to save my life, and from what I hear, that is just logic, too!

Who cares? Rock on, Couch Lovers!

my music list? List of concerts I have been to? List of musicians I have...no, you don't want that one, I am sure of it. LOL

Actually, I would love to see YOUR 101...

Bring on the random f:lux facts, my dear!

f:lux said...

Musicians you have what, dear? ;)

As for my random facts (in the side bar), I could only manage 25 coz I'm a wimp...