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101 random things about me...

1. I love my name. In lower case.
2. I am an only child.
3. But I have 2 step-brothers, one half-brother, and three adopted siblings.
4. My parents divorced when I was 15.
5. They tried to divorce once when I was 13...but it didn’t work.
6. My father is a preacher – Nondenominational Charismatic.
7. My mother is not any organized religion.
8. But she believes in a Supreme Deity.
9. I haven’t been to church in about 6 months.
10. But we pray before every meal.
11. My favorite color is purple – or red. Also depends on the day.
12. I only wear black, white, red or brown.
13. I smoke. Involuntarily.
14. I am an insomniac.
15. I prefer Letterman over Leno.
16. I hate chores and paying bills.
17. I drink too much wine every other week.
18. I used to pick up hitch-hikers.
19. I am a compulsive photographer. Not a good one, just compulsive.
20. I have been pregnant 6 times.
21. I have had 4 babies.
22. I never wanted children.
23. But I am so proud of the ones I have.
24. I don’t like food, but I eat plenty.
25. I could eat the same thing for every meal every day for the rest of my life.
26. I forget to drink water for days on end.
27. I drink way too much coffee.
28. I am not a morning person but I love the sunrise.
29. Unless I am riding in a car – it makes me nauseous.
30. When I was 14 I went to Sweden as a teen missionary.
31. When I was 19 I learned how to read Tarot Cards and chart astrology.
32. I am a bookworm.
33. I never remember what I have read or who it was by.
34. I get confused sometimes about whether something really happened to somebody I know, or if I just read about it somewhere.
35. I hate the TV.
36. But I love Rescue Me on FX.
37. And Grey’s Anatomy.
38. I cry when they vote people off of reality survival shows.
39. I don’t really cry – I am more of a sobber.
40. I hated the Passion of the Christ.
41. I felt like I had viewed the murder of a man for 1 ½ hours – I felt dirty.
42. I did not feel grateful that God gave us His only son so that we could have life everlasting – I was really p*ssed off that He made the rules so that someone had to die. I never asked for anyone to be murdered for me.
43. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t be grateful and say thank you.
44. I still can’t.
45. I refuse to pay more than $35 for a concert ticket.
46. I buy a new CD every single time I go to Target.
47. I have a 4.0 in college.
48. But I can’t finish my degree because I keep dropping my Algebra course so I don’t ruin my GPA.
49. I am a passionate supporter of new bands – until they make it.
50. I have attachment disorder.
51. So does my mother.
52. We are attached to each other, though.
53. I dye my hair ...and pull out the gray ones when I can see them in my rear view mirror.
54. I met my husband when I was 16.
55. We broke up 38 times before we got married.
56. He married me because I told him he had to or move out of my apartment.
57. We have been married for 16 years.
58. I have never physically cheated on him since saying our vows.
59. We have attempted to sort things out in marriage counseling two times, each time lasting 6 months.
60. Both times we came out thinking that our counselor was crazier than we were.
61. We are going to try it again.
62. I have had West Nile Virus.
63. I am 36.
64. I forget that I am 36 until I see myself in the mirror.
65. I am steeped in End Time Theory.
66. I was taught that the world would end in 1988, 1991 & 1995.
67. I never chose a career for the future because I thought there was no point in it.
68. Now I refuse to think about the end of the world – and I unreasonably plan to be everything when I grow up.
69. I am a dabbler in many things, professional at nothing.
70. I am all or nothing with everything I take on.
71. I would rather clean the toilets than do dishes or laundry.
72. I hate baby showers and birthday parties.
73. Unless they are at a pub.
74. I am a Republican.
75. And a Patriot.
76. I am ashamed that I hate the president I voted for.
77. I am a carrier for strep throat.
78. I am married exactly the same amount of years my parents were when they divorced.
79. I traded my sports car in for a mini-van, and my mini-van in for a Pontiac Vibe.
80. I have 14,000 miles on the Vibe – I have had it for 2 ½ years.
81. I hate grocery shopping – you buy the food and then people eat it all up. Nothing to show for your money!
82. I love text messaging and e-mail.
83. I refuse to use short hand while texting.
84. I hate talking on the phone.
85. I would love to have been Greek.
86. Before the Romans took over.
87. I have one pet – the Skeeter Cat.
88. I found her in a mud puddle when she was approximately 4 weeks old.
89. I let her drink out of the bathroom faucet.
90. I don’t enjoy play dates.
91. Unless it is at a pub.
92. I have never done any illegal drugs.
93. Except one time I smoked some pot, but then I got really paranoid and made my friends take me to the ER because I was OD’ing.
94. They gave me a sandwich and sent me home.
95. I have many piercings, but no tattoos.
96. But it is on my list of things to do before I die.
97. I was a cheerleader through junior high and high school.
98. I dated my husband because he had a 65 Mustang. We still have it.
99. I love to sleep on the couch.
100. I am an internet junkie.
101. This year I went crazy – and I haven’t come back completely right yet.
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