Can You Take Me Higher?

We are once more at the cyclical portion of myself that moves forward too fast, and forgets to move my feet. I am flat on my face emotionally tonight...

Time again to be stuck in my little glass coffin, face pressed awkwardly against the surface, features smeared, watching the rest of the world whirl by.

I gotta figure this sh*t out.

This is the worst part of being Terri.


JustJock said...

Open up that coffin and let me in. I've got a bottle of rosé, some windex and a copy of "Are you there God? It's me, Margaret."

Let the world go by. We'll clean glass and take turns reading.

f:lux said...

I'm here too, and I've got a bottle of red to bring to the party - cheers! 8-)

justacoolcat said...

Did someone say party?

Quindigo said...

Does it help knowing others are on the same "no refunds or guarantees" roller coaster ride, behind the glass, too?

One thing I've noticed: your hair always looks PERFECT.

Sigh. That sounds flip...I'd better grab a beer and help you figure the shit out. Hopefully Jock hasn't borrowed ALL my Judy Bloom books. :)

terri said...

Jock: Oh, I loved that book! And you know I love my wine...will you read first?

f:Lux: Yay! Thank you for coming to my pity party...that means alot to me. ;)

JACC: I knew I would party with you someday. LOL

Indi: ROFL! You always know just what to say.

And, oh yessss, it does help!

Slight Clutter said...

Hang in there, and when you bust out of that glass coffin (I know you will), don't cut yourself.

I agree with Quindigo about the hair, by the way. Always terrific!

Marla said...

And because we are strong, we get up, dust ourselves off and do another day :-) Chin up doll face.

Rebecca said...

Unfortunately, I am extremely familiar with that feeling. Hope you have a great weekend, and hey, keep on rocking the perfect hair!!!

terri said...

Katya: I guess that's the best part about my glass coffin - I always seem to get out somehow. LOL at the hair!

Marla: chin is pointing high again...and the dust is coming off in clouds. Woohoo! ;)

Becca: I love that about my fellow human beings - everyone seems to have their own glass box, and can understand exactly what that feels like. ROFL @ the hair - that's just too funny!

Jorge said...

Hey Terri.

Sometimes being on the inside is not such a bad thing. The world is a screwy place, anyway.

Sometimes I think spending too much time outside of our own worlds makes us crazy.

You'll be back on your feet sooner than later, I suspect.

You think it's the worst part of being you. That's your opinion.

My opinion is that the best part about being you is the fact you can share these things with us. That and your kickass hairdo.