I Remember Everything...

I want to say something beautiful and honoring on this 5th anniversary of 9-11.

But the words that come through my fingers will never be able to express the emotions I feel regarding the day that America was attacked by pure evil and hatred.

So, I will send my thoughts and prayers to those of you who lost family members and personal friends.

And I will be proud to be an American.


Quindigo said...

I felt the same way - that somehow my silence would be more meaningful (that's what men tell me, anyway).

I've never been more proud to be an American than during that tragic period of our history.

Jorge said...

I think that everyone in your thoughts will appreciate it.


Marla said...

Nice post, Terri :-)

Slight Clutter said...

I always like to think about the ordinary heroes from that day -- an office manager from the Bronx helping an IT guru from Jersey, a small family-owned deli employee offering water to complete strangers, an off-duty firefighter coming in to utter chaos on his/her day off.

I try to think of the strength of character displayed that day. The strength of ordinary citizens acting heroic/compassionate on an anything but ordinary day.

My heart goes out to anybody who lost something that day, and to anybody who found out that they were stronger than they ever thought possible.

Nice post! :)

terri said...

what a heavy day, all...thank you for remembering with me.

I appreciate you!