A New Sensation (Right Now!)...

I bought myself a present yesterday. One that I really love. I bought Adobe PhotoShop even though I have at least 7 other photo editing programs. Apparently not 7 other good ones.

I am practicing with watermarks tonight, and enjoying all of the bells and whistles. I haven't gotten up the nerve to alter very many of my photos - I am always afraid I won't be able to get my original back. I know, it's irrational - whatever.

The birthday parties this weekend were a TRIP! Remember the one where I was gonna size up the momma and throw down if need be? Yeah...no. She is a big'un. Not only that, but it took me a little while to realize why all 75 of her family members were wearing blue. It took me even longer to realize that Jory and Owen were the only children not related there.

The birthday child belongs to a family that runs with the Norteno's (please insert squiggly) - who coincidentally just murdered someone from their rival gang, the Sureno's (again with the squiggly). The only way I know about this is from the newspaper, so it was fascinating AND nervewracking to overhear tidbits from various family members.

Owen's mother flaked out first by claiming that Owen had a sore throat - she actually threw the word Strep out there for consideration. I left fairly soon after that, waving with my broad, brave smile plastered onto my pale face until they could no longer see me.

...and came home a little less sure of my abilities to "handle" Birthday Boy's Mommy. *sigh*


Slight Clutter said...

Congrats on the Photoshop! Looks like you are already doing wonderful things with it. I love the "artified" version of your photo. I'm a Photoshop-o-phobe, so, needless to say, I'm impressed!

Marla said...

OMG!!!!!! Sounds like an enjoyable birthday party....NOT! I was scared just reading about it.

Have fun with PS7 :-)

terri said...

...oh dear - please tell me if I need to also be a Photoshop-aphobe! I am happy that you are impressed though...

They were all very nice people to us, and noone kicked or punched Jory - the gang stuff was hard to understand though. I am a babe in the woods when it comes to that stuff...scary to me!LOL

Jorge said...

I got your back, Terri.

terri said...

Thanks, Jorge! Could you bring your camping posse too? They look pretty tough - we could rumble.