Do You Know Where You're Going?

I am all over the place today.

I want to rearrange the house, relandscape the yard (or at least right the things that are wrong with it presently), get some friends together, hide out in my office, pay bills, go shopping, watch a movie, listen to a CD, read a book/million blogs, talk to my mother, get a pedi/mani, go hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park with my camera, take a nap, drink keoki coffee, sit on the deck with MyGuy and talk about nothing important, play football in the park with my boys...but you know what?

One of the only things that I will actually accomplish in real life is a nap.


Marla said...

LOLOLOL......well enjoy that nap!

Quindigo said...

You just described MY Saturday! ;)

I had a DREAM about you! You came to visit and we stayed at my (dead) grandmother's house, and my ex- kept popping in so I'd introduce you, and my sister came over so we could all go out...this confirms it: your road trip will have to be Alabama!

terri said...

Marla:...and I really did enjoy that nap. Might try that again today. After I do the laundry. *sigh* ;)

Indi: ROFL! Alabama, huh? Do we have to notify the local law enforcement that we would be in the same place at the same time? 'Cause I am thinking HELLA-fun and I don't want any of your neighbors to be caught unaware.

f:lux said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean about the wanting to do stuff but having to take a nap intead thing - my Sunday to a tee. But I know why... hormones, lack of Guinness... What are the berries in the photo? Look yummy!

terri said...

Lack of Guiness? I had not even guessed at that being a deficiency - but now that you mention it, my levels are catastrophically low. Must remedy...
Those are grapes from my back yard. I am thinking they will be ready for mashing and fermenting in approximately 20 or so years.

Slight Clutter said...

There's nothing wrong with a good nap. If there were, I would be guilty of a lifetime of wrong-doing.

Somehow that post felt very familiar. :)

JustJock said...

Once upon a time, sex would have been at the top of a list of my list. Now, it's a nap...the most divine luxury I can think of.

terri said...

Katya: I am glad that others feel my manic desire to do EVERYthing, but then find a nap will be just the ticket.;)

Jock: I hear ya - but what about sex and THEN a nap? Would that not be a more divine-r luxury? Hmmm. Let me try it...I will get back to you on this.