Ride, Baby, Ride...

(My dearest friend Niel getting her first motorcycle ride. Please ignore the trashy neighbors across the street. I am trying to as well.)

This new motorcycle? HOT! I cannot get enough of it.

One really neat thing...you can't stay angry at a man that you have your arms wrapped around and your nose nuzzled in his neck.

J-man has been doing something new and wonderful - having me call before I am ready to come home from work. He then drives up on the big, black beast and whisks me away in quite a romantic (yet somehow yummy/dirty) way.

Tonight we went to the grocery store on the way home, and I had this really wonderful feeling that I am going to be just fine with us growing old together. It will be just the two of us at some point...going where we want to, doing what we want to, and enjoying the company.

And yeah - the groceries fit in the saddle bags. You would not believe the acts of contrition I performed in order to have my previous gaffe (about them looking like oldmansaddlebags) erased from memory. It was a challenge though - perhaps tomorrow I can come up with another offensive thing to say that will require massive creativity on my part to receive forgiveness.


Marla said...

Woohoo for Terri!!!!! You've been redeemed sista!!!!

justacoolcat said...

"perhaps tomorrow I can come up with another offensive thing to say that will require massive creativity on my part to receive forgiveness"


I somehow knew you were going to say that.

Niel said...

Oh my great God I sure do love the moto-cyc. And I love the OldManSaddleBags. And I love J-Man (the only man that I would feel comfortable wrapping my arms around in such a way, especially with Terri's other woman alarm being so honed that day...."Do you know where Mayburn Street is?" *Blinkblinkkisskiss*) And I love Ter. A lot. Seriously. TONS. Thanks for the pic T...Loves N

terri said...

Marla: YAYYYY! I know, right? I look freakin' HOT on that thing, too! ;)

JACC: D*mn. I am getting predictable...do you think it will be obvious to J what I am doing?!

MyNiel: I screwed up the alignment of your MySpace with the huuuuge pic...sorry 'bout that. :)

My OtherWomanAlarm was indeed in full engagement that night. I wonder if MissThing ever found the street she was "looking" for? (Do I sound catty? Hmmm.) LOVE you!

Jorge said...

A motorcycle mama?

I mean, you are hawt, so I guess it works. ;)


Sher said...

I believe that tattoos are in order now to be a legit motorcycle babe. In fact, I think its a requirement.

terri said...

Jorge: I am gonna laminate your comment and put it in my pocket for future reference.;)

Sher: I am thinking that we could go get one together...and you have a piercing to do, I believe!

Rebecca said...

It IS hot! I want a ride!!! I'm still laughing about the trashy neighbors...haha. I will assume that they don't read your blog very regularly......

terri said...

Becca: I am fairly sure that they don't read much at all. Today they have two toilets on the driveway, and a smashed up computer hutch in the yard. And their pit bull is wandering the neighborhood again...I swear, they have dropped our property values by 30,000 by their very prescence.

Do I sound bitter?