I am at my desk, huddled over my coffee with a huge black sweatshirt wrapped around me...teeth chattering and fingers a little numb. I don't know if it is just REALLY cold in here or if I am getting the flu - or just really tired. And hungover. Whatever it is, I think the temperature has slowed my brain activity as well.

We had a get-together (see: a house party with people my age!) at my Q-friend Joanne's last night. Our guest of honor was a girl from NE that we met online at the Quitnet - Courtne. (Turns out her real name is Brenda, but it is too late for us to call her that. She will always be Courtne to us.)

I must interject here and say that if you had told me a year and 1/2 ago that I would meet and make part of my real life sooo many people from the internet, I would have thought you insane. But real they are, and they have done nothing but enhance and enrich my 3D life. I feel very fortunate!

Anyway, meeting Courtne face to face for the first time was awesome! I am hoping that those of us who went back to smoking did not cause her or Jim to experience any bad exsmokers' urges to light up. Since we began the night at 6 or so yesterday and didn't end it until 430 this morning, I am thinking the cloud of polution could have been monstrous. Ugh.

Courtne's DH made us each a pair of Beer Goggles - safety glasses with beer cans riveted to the lenses...they turned out very cute! He included a CD of the Beer Goggles song in with the present. I am not trying to be funny when I say that I have never heard that song. And it is okay if I don't hear it again!

Many plates of food, glasses of wine and pictures later, we decided to go dancing at Patrick's. Live music and CarBombs - a guaranteed good time. I danced my a** off. It was a shame they had to kick us out so that they could close down the joint...

I also did some drunken txting, some philosophical rambling, some very immodest wardrobe changing...and some recognizing that I was never going to be able to drive my car home just to be there before Jerry woke up. But I really wanted to.

Instead, we all passed out on air mattresses set up throughout the house. That's right. I attended an adult slumber party! And you know what? It was just like I remembered from being a kid. Giggling all night and then waking up groggy and not feeling all that well...ugh. I was actually better off than most of us - I was not puking. But my head was trying to kill me, and my eyes couldn't stabilize on one thing for very long. That made for a very long road trip home to my husband.

Guess what? He wasn't mad at me at all. I am very proud of him. Things are looking up again, and I appreciate that. And hooray for the Q, my Q-net buddies, Joanne and her followers, Nikon Camera Corporation, Guinnes, Verizon Phones and Service, Jaegermeister, Patrick's, the Cute Little Boy that kept asking me to dance, Live Music, Soul Train, Ambrosia Cake at 330 A.M., Bailey's Irish Cream, Taxi Cabs, Toll Roads, Excedrine, and Flip-Flops.
Hooray I say! ;)

Now if I could just stop shivering...
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