We're Not In Kansas Anymore...

At my little Bistro, alot of money changes hands everyday and I am always on the lookout for counterfeit bills. I find myself a little suspicious of the family that comes in two or three times in one day with a fresh $100.00 bill every time they pay a $13.00 (or so) ticket...claiming that to be the smallest denomination they have, although I know I have given them at least 6 $20's in the previous hours. 'Tis not my place to search the wallets and purses, but I just think that scenario is a little unlikely! I have been known to miss, however, a Canadian penny or some other coin from a random country.

Today I pulled a complete bonehead.

While counting the quarters and fussing to myself about having no $1's and $5's thanks to TheOneHundredDollarBill Family, I came across an odd and unfamiliar coin. Pulling at my hair a little and gesturing wildly with my other hand, I moaned,"Now, WHO took the coin from Kansas?!!!"

Oh, trust me. There are many, many more terrimoments. Just. Like. That.
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