Cough Hack Snort Sniffle Whine

Ugh...the kiddo's are sick today. My middle child has a fever of 102.5 - has been running it since yesterday. Although he went to the school nurse twice, they were not able to get ahold of me and so the poor baby spent the afternoon sleeping in her office. That makes me feel like such a bad mommy. My youngest has a cough that sounds like a seal - it is his normal cough for a simple cold, but it raises quite the alarm with school districts as it sounds like whooping cough.

So I called in to work today so I could stay home and take care of them. THAT makes me feel like a bad employee...

I never was very sympathetic when my staff would call in to say they were home with sick babies. Remembering all the times I rolled my eyes while talking to them on the phone makes me feel like a bad employer and friend...

I am angry at the J-Man because he flat out refused to be the one to stay home. Some important project with a deadline, blahblahblah. I am frustrated with my extended family who tells me to "just call if you ever need me!" 'cause that apparently has stipulations. My anger and frustration with other people just because I am the one to stay home to care for my family makes me feel like a bad PERSON.

So, lets recap. One kid with a high fever, one with a scary sounding cough, and me with a case of the bad's. This is going to be a great day.
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