I Will Get To It Tomorrow, I Promise

Look what I found! A whole bunch of CD's that I would put off listening to that deal with procrastination! The answer would surely lie here, folks...for only $550 (or so). Putting things off seems to be an expensive problem.

I am procrastinating, for sure. So many things to do...things I don't wanna do...laundry, yardwork, paperwork, dishes, etc. So what have I accomplished? I have pinpointed everywhere that Dropping Daylight will be playing with Mercy Fall in a 500 mile radius in the next two months (nowhere I can go...). I have mapped out meeting places in NH for me and a 2D friend from the Quitnet - I now know that HWY 93 goes through Concord, and that Manchester is a long way away from anywhere I know anything about. I also checked the future temperature for the beach, inland and generally all of New England so that I know what to pack. IF I ever start packing. I went to see a band I have never heard of just because we were on the VIP list and did not have to pay $20 ea. to get in. (We left after two songs. Too hot, too smelly, too many people who believe in pungent armpit hair and dredlocks and entire wardrobes of hemp, and who needed to stand really close together to get the full experience...ewww. Turns out it was a Grateful Dead cover band. Good stuff for sure, but omg...the funk of humanity was horrendous.)

Here are the things I need to get accomplished in the next 48 hours.

  • Clean my house
  • do that stupid paperwork
  • Pack- four people, eight days
  • Work a catering for a wedding tonight
  • Finish up School Clothes Shopping
  • Groceries
  • Bank
  • Sleep?
It isn't so much about what needs to be done, as how it speaks to my propensity for leaving everything to the very last minute. It drives me crazy...
Wish me luck. Gonna go start something...;)
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