Dance, Dance - We're Falling Apart to Half-Time...

Here is the third pic I took with the new cam - that is a lake out in the distance...click to enlarge- there are enough pixels - I love being able to say that!

Well, the children are fine now. Of course. They are back to their tattling, their tormenting, and their brawling ways. Great. I imagine that considering the alternatives, I would much rather be sending them to opposite corners rather than visiting them in the hospital.

I spent so much time alone with small children yesterday that I had the great opportunity to read and read and read some more blogs - I think I may be an addict. Unfortunately, I also had the opportunity to experience what Jock is talking about regarding comments. Except - some BlogSpots say that the comment didn't take - then I try again - then it doesn't take again - I give up, go back later, and D*MN if the comments didn't ALL show up. Not a good way to make new friends!

I am on my way to Fort Collins to a concert at the Aggie, and some drinks downtown. No, I am not taking my new camera - my little HP has been relegated to "concertcamera only status". I don't think that camera shop in NH will send me a new D70 if I drop it now...I may have used up my only mulligan in that department.

Have a great night, all!

different focus towards the lake...isn't that an amazing view? *sigh*
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