POTUS is IN the House - (no pictures please)

You are NOT going to believe what I got to do today. I got to see the President of the United States of America.

That's right - I was rubbing elbows with Secret Service. I was selling hot coffee and bottled water and fruit to Members of Congress. I was fetching Mountain Dew for PAC members, and popping popcorn for Pollsters and National News Crews.

I enjoyed watching all of our local Police Force and Fire Fighters and Paramedics act like they were somehow granted Secret Service Status because they were in charge of herding the locals around. I wanted to remind them that after the President left they would have to deal with all of the locals they had ticked off while they played bigshots for a few hours.

I loved watching CBS setting up their site to broadcast from, the newscasters looking around in amazement at the primitiveness of their current location. Okay. I didn't love that. I was embarrased.

Although I am not proud of Dubya - in fact, I am rather ashamed that I ever trusted him with my vote, it was amazing to see the sociological experiment of a political rally. I had goosebumps and a lump in my throat when his helicopter landed...and the hair on my arms stood on end when he walked into the arena. The whole event of his arrival was so well timed and choreographed...very moving. I wonder how I would have felt if he was someone I still respected?

Did I get pictures, you ask? Well. Funny story. I HAD the camera...got it through security just fine, didn't drop it even once, and located a secure and lockable cabinet to keep it in while we worked. When the time came to take pictures of the crowd gathering and the local politicians doing their stumping, I was able to find the very best spot in the facility. Cool, huh?

Yeah. If I had remembered to get the battery off the charger and place it in the camera before I left the house, THAT would have been very cool.

Oh well. Next time.


Jim Kloss said...

Were you dressed in your Halloween costume by chance? Secret Service woulda hired you on the spot I'll bet...

Oh, and hello to the regulars here. I'm another recent slayer of the nicotine monster, intrigued by Terri's blog, zest for life and compulsive photographs. I'll sit here quietly now and try not to cause any disruptions.

terri said...

Heya an Welcome Jim! Thanks for leaving me a footprint - and indeed you are slaying that monster. I am very proud of you.

Make as much noise as you want...

Quindigo said...

Your battery operated equipment karma seems to have taken a bad turn...I'm thinking you need to splurge and buy something new (and naughty).

Awesome day in the life entry!

Sarah said...

I hate the guy. My only saving grace- my children aren't old enough to be in the military right now. Ahhhh, another day...

However, Bushy came to our area not too long ago, and to see all of the "goings ons" that came with it was staggering. I can imagine I would be a bit awed to see all of that.

Wonderful writing, Terri. I felt that entry. No pictures needed after that. (I'm crying for your camera on the inside)

terri said...

Indi: Wow...I am thinking you might have some perfect hair yourself! I am thinking you are right about splurging. Naughty? Okay. If you insist... ;)

Sarah: I look at my children and think the same thing. But I do thank the mothers of boys I know that are overseas...what an amazing sacrifice in a perfect world. What a waste of precious blood in ours...

My poor camera - went to the dance without a dress on! HA! At least putting in the battery won't require paperwork and warranty information.