I really didn't fall off the face of the earth. I just have no computer at home right now...

I moved the boys into seperate rooms to cut down on the brawling, and moved my office into their OLD room. Pretty cool right? Yeah, except for the fact that I have no DSL OR dial up in their old room. No computer. And my husband of the recently surgeried-on-knee folk is dragging his feet to rewire for me. And why would he hurry? I am so accesible when I am not online! (Not agreeable - accesible.)

Oral surgery for Jeremy went well, and Taylor and Jory have almost fully recovered from the flu. Jerry is - well, hyped up on some pretty great drugs. To say the least. I really don't like it...I can't wait till he doesn't need them anymore. But I am glad he isn't in too much pain.

I am blogging from work...that makes me giggle!

BTW, 30 Seconds to Mars blew. After four times seeing them - they just suck. And I got a speeding ticket. That will be the last time I go to see them. But don't you worry, I did just secure tix for Dropping Daylight in December. YES!

Have a great week all!~ Talk to you when I can...


Jeff said...

I hope Jeremy is feeling better soon. Kids on drugs is really tough to watch. That's a grown up game ;-) (still tough to watch...)

The flu just plain sucks, at any age! Especially squared!

Sorry to hear about the 'puter debacle. Kinda sux, that! I'm missing your updates!

Looking to hearing about dropping daylight......and more from you!

Sarah said...

Terri, hope everyone feels well enough by tomorrow to stuff their faces and have wonderful tryptophan (sp?) induced naps. Happy Turkey Day

Marla said...

Oh no......no computer at home? How will you survive??? Hope Jeremy is feeling better soon and that you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

terri said...

Jeff: Thank you for your kind words...they are indeed getting better. Finally. :)

...and you can bet that you will hear too much about Dropping Daylight!

Sarah: Happy Turkey Day to you and yours as well! The nap? Yeah...I am the only one who did that. On the floor. HA!

Marla: I know, huh? I can't believe how much I NEED to be plugged in. I might want to get that under control...nah...!

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, my dear.