Now What?!

I am so tired. Physically and mentally exhausted. No, I haven't any crisis to blame it on, and no, I haven't been staying out all night. I am just tired!

And there are so many weird things happening around me.

Like this:
My cell phone shows that I called my friend Jo at 12:38 in the morning. I had been asleep since 9:00.
My employee badge was missing this morning...I finally found it under my office chair, 20 minutes after I was supposed to be at work.
Things are missing from my desk.
Music has been removed from my computer.
I am so friggin' tired.
Several CD's of mine have been swapped and switched around into the wrong cases - and it isn't the children doing it.
I feel like I have entered into some silly twilight zone - not dangerous, not weird - just ridiculously silly strange zone.

But - I am not smoking.

That is pretty strange, too.


Jim said...

Yes, strange.

My cell phone shows that I received a call from someone named Jo at 12:39 in the morning.

20 minutes after I arrived at work, I discovered my office chair was missing - which explains why co-workers were walking by the door pointing and gasping as I was apparently sitting on the floor.

Then I noticed my entire desk was missing.

I can tell lots of music still resides on my computer but I can't listen to any of it because someone stole my speakers. I think it was the coffee cart lady. She's had it out for me ever since I made that embarrassing public scene about how "her hot caffeine was a trigger for my cold nicotine..."

But I too am not smoking. What seems really strange to me, despite all the poltergeist things happening around us, is that we ever did...

terri said...

ROFL! I laughed so hard at you that I almost pee'd my pants!

That also would have been a very strange happening...

Congrats on your completely amazing quit experience. I am in awe of you. No joke.

Jorge said...

Don't pee your pants! Knowing your luck someone else's pants will be peed in even though they didn't do it!

Sounds like you've become a wizard of some kind. Can you think about winning lottery numbers and me at the same time?

I'll buy you a coffee when we meet

Jeff said...

OK, you caught me! I called Jo on your cell the other night, and then I called Jim from Jo's a minute later!

By the way, I'm having a sale on office furniture and computer equipment. If you come in to the office, I can hook you up with some ID badges if you like.... I've also started to sell MP3's if you're interested. And speaking of selling music, I've got some discs going for cheap seeing as they don't come with cases!

Gremlins aren't real, but watch out for the nicodemon!