Now What?!

I am so tired. Physically and mentally exhausted. No, I haven't any crisis to blame it on, and no, I haven't been staying out all night. I am just tired!

And there are so many weird things happening around me.

Like this:
My cell phone shows that I called my friend Jo at 12:38 in the morning. I had been asleep since 9:00.
My employee badge was missing this morning...I finally found it under my office chair, 20 minutes after I was supposed to be at work.
Things are missing from my desk.
Music has been removed from my computer.
I am so friggin' tired.
Several CD's of mine have been swapped and switched around into the wrong cases - and it isn't the children doing it.
I feel like I have entered into some silly twilight zone - not dangerous, not weird - just ridiculously silly strange zone.

But - I am not smoking.

That is pretty strange, too.
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