Let the Hollydaze begin!

I took my camera on a date this weekend.

Yeah, we walked around some parks together, we talked to other human/camera couples going by, and we gazed into the lakes and watched the birds...all the while being very in tune with each other.

We even went shopping for more toys for the camera - and if I stop dropping it, I bet those toys will fit just right! I love my camera. Too much. And I am fine with that.

I spent the rest of the weekend working on the 'puter - and OH that was wonderful. I am sure it was startling to some of you though, to have your emails answered and returned almost before you hit send. I was most efficient.

One of the cool things that happened this weekend: A local band has asked me to come shoot their show next weekend. Now, I have done this before obviously, but always for me alone. I am feeling pressure about doing it for someone else. What if they don't like my style? What if I forget my battery? What if I drop the camera? What if I get drunk and crawl on stage WITH them? And those are just my irrational worries. I can't even begin to list the worries that make sense...

I am thinking that this Christmas season we are going to practice forgiveness where it is not justified. We are going to extend love where love is not deserved (I use that term too loosely in this sentence, I know). And let it begin with me - like this : Jerry hung Christmas Lights today - the H Home will look pretty snazzy this year. In response, I am gonna wear some some new items tonight that will help speed along the trimming of MY tree.

And the camera will just have to hang on the doorknob in its case for THIS date.



Sarah said...

Congrats! Wow! That's awesome that someone specifically asked for you! Don't be nervous, obviously they love your stuff. Who wouldn't?! You'll bring your battery, and if you DO get drunk and crawl on stage, well, if you show them your boobs, I think they'd forgive you.

Love the Target cart picture. I know those cart a mile away.

Such talent.

Niel said...

Oh hooray I love this blog!! : ) What band is this that you're shooting? Why have I not heard of this, and why am I not going to get drunk and crawl on stage with you?! I love you T...have fun with the Christmas *ahem* 'decorating' with J! ;) You go sista' ... N

f:lux said...

Worrying about your photography gig is normal! Just remember, up until now you've taken pix to please yourself and the people you're going to photograph must be in tune with that because they've asked you to be their photog. So just keep pleasing yourself!

And don't forget the batteries... ;)

Rebecca said...

Is that really a Target Cart? I had no idea. What a cool effect though. Anyway, have faith in yourself with your photography gig.
We all KNOW you have talent around the blogger world. I'm sure you will be spectacular.

Marla said...

You'll do fine shooting pics for the band....they obviously love your style already :-)

lyss said...

My phone doesn't work in the office to send you a txt msg...so I just want to tell you to have a great weekend! All of the cash bags are counted! :) miss lyss

Jorge said...

Why is it a 'puter and not an 'amera?