Bullets for Pondering

I am going to bulletize this because I am in the middle of scrubbing toilets, cleaning up messes from my 7 year old who ate too much candy at the neighbor's house, and putting away laundry.

Here are some things I want you to write on your heart:
  • When going to a different city to meet up with a group of people you only know a couple of, you should know the address of where you are going. And google a map of it, too.
  • When going to a different city to meet up with a group of people - no matter how many you know already, you should make sure to have plenty of gas in your tank.
  • When you are only seven days into quitting smoking, you should not fight with your spouse about going to a different city to meet up with a group of people you only know a couple of.
  • When going to the bathroom, don't hang your camera on the hook of the bathroom stall. It will fall. And break.
  • When going out, don't leave your children with the responsible people across the street. They will take your sweet, unsugared babies to Halloween Parties and screw them all up on candy.
  • Don't make funny sounds while cleaning up after your sugarcracked out babies - it only makes them make more messes.
  • And above all, don't get angry and say things to your spouse and co-parent that you can never take back.

This concludes my bulletizing. I hope you will be able to apply at least one thing to your own life, or my whole experience has been a waste...;)


Marla said...

OMG...did you have the week-end from Hell or what?? Sorry about the sick kidlets and also about your camera. Is it totally broken or just cosmetically broken?

Niel said...

Oh T, I'm so sorry your night went poorly. I hope that things get better from here, and if you need anything or just want to talk, please call me. Remember, just keep swimming, just keep swimming...
Love you, N

Sarah said...

Points taken, etched into heart. Thank you.

I love a good bulletized post. You don't see many around lately. I believe you may have just started a resurgence.

Quindigo said...

I've been trying for years to get my sweet, unsugared baby all whacked out on sweets...just leave him with a neighbor, then? PHEW!

(I'm sick about your camera - will the nice saleslady replace it again, perhaps?)

terri said...

Marla: I know!! Wasn't that awful? It was the lens that cracked...but they gave me a brand new one.
Thank gawd. I thought I was gonna kill myself.

MyNiel: I needs me some keoke coffe, I believe. Wanna go?

Sarah: LOL! A resurgence of bulletinized posts! I wonder why that isn't a real word? It d*mn well should be.

Indi: Yeah! Leave them with the ones that seem the most repsonsible...they will wreak havoc on your unsugared baby's body. I should call the police or something. Don't you think?

yeah - camera is all new again. How does that place make any money?!