Oh, the Great Pumpkin is Coming!

The Pumpkin Patch - SO much fun. Beautiful sunny day, crisp Autumn air, frolicking children and great friends. And no. There was not ONE pub even remotely close to me - so you know it was just that great all by itself!

Last year I realized that I am somewhat of a closet redneck (as much as that makes me want to vomit) because the one thing that draws my attention and keeps it for long periods of time is the Punkin'Chunker.

I LOVE the PunkinChunker! Guess what it do? It chunks punkin's cleeeeeaaaar across the countryside.

Yeah. See? Told you I had a closet redneck in me.

But seriously - check that out! It sounds like a cannon, and then it feels like nailing the greatest drive ever down the green...'cause noone sees the object land. Until you finally give up looking for it and then - wham! It hits the ground and smashes all over the place.

I want one. And I am ashamed of myself.

In other news: Because I am a mommy/wife, I do not get to take an uninterrupted shower. I have seen other women blog about this, and heard many a woman whine about it - so I have just accepted it as part of the deal.

Yesterday during my shower (right at the lather/rinse part) my middle child started banging on the door, hollering at the top of his lungs about how my youngest was using the "f" word.

Me: *Sigh* What are you yelling about?!
Jeremy: Jory is saying the "F" word!
Me: What? I don't understand you. Send your brother here.
Jory: What, mom?
Me: Are you saying the "F" word? Do you need me to wash your mouth out with soap?
Jory: No, Ma'am. I am only saying "F*cking"... not the really bad "Freakin''' word!

Me: Oh...oh. Well. Hmmm. Don't say that either, okay? But go tell your dad about this first before you stop saying it forever.

Here he is picking up a pumpkin that weighs 4/5 as much as he does. I know. He LOOKS innocent anyway.

And don't forget this: I got my bracelet today for three days of no smoking. What do you think I should get for 3 WEEKS of no smoking? Yeah, I thought I should get a trip to Greece, too. Glad we think alike.


f:lux said...

PunkinChunker. Never even heard of these before! Does it do that for fun or what? I mean, why?

Oh, and congrats on the no smoking thing BTW. Maybe I should try to stop again...

Niel said...

Oh those pics turned out amazing! What a fun day...so glad I got to share it with everyone I love most! : ) I love that Jory story...I've told just about everyone I know cause I think it's the funniest thing I've ever heard, and oh so very Jor-Man. Oh, and by the way, since I'm not smoking either does that mean I get to go to Greece too? Cause I wanna come. Seriously. : ) Congrats on the bracelet T...I'm truly excited for you...N

terri said...

F:lux - indeed it is for fun. They have competitions here in the MidWest ... they shoot pumpkins from farm to farm!
I would like to shoot a pumpkin right through my trashy neighbors' picture window. HAHA...kidding...okay no. I am not kidding.;)

When you are ready to quit, let me know! I will barrage you with QuitNet stuff. LOL

MyNiel: Of COURSE you can come to Greece with me! You don't smoke. But what is cooler is you are GRADUATING from COLLEGE! That is definitely a trip to Greece...

And also, thank you for all of your support. You make me happy!

Slight Clutter said...

What great photos! Down, Jealousy. Down! I want a pumpkin chucker, too. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that, but living in Texas, I'm pretty used to shame. LOl. ;)

Quindigo said...

Hypothetically...would a man fit in that pumpkin chunker? ;)

Katatonic said...

Hi its Katsoup. from MSN & here.
You quit freakin smoking !!
I love a good catapult. beleive it or not our high school has cow patty flinging contest once a year, talk about a fun day.

Whoo Hoo you are my idol. 3 Days! I have to get my weight and fags inder control. I admire you for doing both!!
have a good one.

terri said...

Slight: Lets go in on one together...we can keep it in the garage. ;)

Indi: How big is said hypothetical man? And does he know you or me? LOL

Kat: Thank you for being excited for me! Your time is a'comin' too.

Cow pies????!!! wow...hmmm. That would be an odorific event, huh?