Superheroes and the sounds they make...

(Drug Under doing an acoustical set)

I quit smoking yesterday. I know. *groan* Again. But I have to say, I am feeling pretty good about it...and I am hoping that the cough I have had since getting sick (what was that, a month ago?) will start to subside. Although I know it will get worse before it gets better.

After scrambling through the house, purse and car the night before last looking for any smokes that I might have left in a pocket somewhere (so I didn't have to go buy more) I found THREE of them yesterday. Today I will probably find a whole pack somewhere random. Smokes are abundant when you don't smoke anymore.

I awoke today to the sound of the boys playing Rescue Heroes...and I do mean the sounds. Having only been around girls, I do not understand why boys have to add the audio effects to punctuate the actions of shooting, drilling, cutting, shooting, stabbing, shooting and wrecking the helicopter. Why do they need to play such violent things anyway?! I guess I would be sad if they had tea parties, though. Perhaps I will just go get ear plugs.

We are going to the pumpkin patch this afternoon - hay rides and pumpkin cannon included. Don't know why, but I am pretty excited. And it won't even be at a pub.

Have a great day all! ;)
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