I admit it. I am running away from my past. Not my ENTIRE past...just the last 8 months of my blog. Months of questioning everything about who I am and what I believe and what my purpose is in this world.

This much I know...I am a mother of three and a wife of one. Everything else is still up in the air.

To those of you who I have followed from MSN Spaces to Blogspot, please remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and please don't hate me for coveting your new environment - and for constructing my own new place in a new blogging subdivision. I will be an excellent neighbor, I promise! I will never play my music too loud, nor will I let my children snoop around in your blog. I will always have a comment to lend, and will welcome yours with open arms whenever you just feel like a quick visit. While I mind my own business, I will enjoy watching your families grow and will help you celebrate anything and everything you feel deserves a party. I will grieve with you and think good thoughts for you during the day when things look their bleakest. I will always be your cheerleader and never your critic. Nevereverever.

Although I have already eluded to my confusion of late, I must be honest with you and tell you that I am a bit "tetched" these days. My thoughts are not always clear, I don't have the best rationale, and I tend to ramble. But blogging seems to be one way to sort things out. So sort we will. Oh - and also, I am sometimes immature, and not all that interesting what with all the stories about my children and my music...but again - this is about me getting some semblance of ME back.

...now, if I can just catch a quick glimpse of me, we can be on our way...
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