I admit it. I am running away from my past. Not my ENTIRE past...just the last 8 months of my blog. Months of questioning everything about who I am and what I believe and what my purpose is in this world.

This much I know...I am a mother of three and a wife of one. Everything else is still up in the air.

To those of you who I have followed from MSN Spaces to Blogspot, please remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and please don't hate me for coveting your new environment - and for constructing my own new place in a new blogging subdivision. I will be an excellent neighbor, I promise! I will never play my music too loud, nor will I let my children snoop around in your blog. I will always have a comment to lend, and will welcome yours with open arms whenever you just feel like a quick visit. While I mind my own business, I will enjoy watching your families grow and will help you celebrate anything and everything you feel deserves a party. I will grieve with you and think good thoughts for you during the day when things look their bleakest. I will always be your cheerleader and never your critic. Nevereverever.

Although I have already eluded to my confusion of late, I must be honest with you and tell you that I am a bit "tetched" these days. My thoughts are not always clear, I don't have the best rationale, and I tend to ramble. But blogging seems to be one way to sort things out. So sort we will. Oh - and also, I am sometimes immature, and not all that interesting what with all the stories about my children and my music...but again - this is about me getting some semblance of ME back.

...now, if I can just catch a quick glimpse of me, we can be on our way...


Niel said...

Hi T...I followed you to your new space...I hope that's okay cause you better know that I'm following you anywhere until you tell me otherwise! : ) I think this is a beautiful fresh layout for you to start another chapter in my very favorite book ever...The Book of Ter! I love you friend...N

Anonymous said...

Like Dorothy looking for Kansas, you looking for you will only keep you from finding you. You're right there, and always have been. Just accept that the nature of you is always changing, growing, immaturing, doubting, drinking it all in, puking it all up.

Call the landlord, and have your good neighbors do the same, and keep it up. Short of WMD or calling the cops everyday, it's the only course you can take.

Hopefully now you can read this and sleep.


Quindigo said...

Hey, as long as I can borrow a six-pack on Sunday when they don't sell alcohol here, we're good ;)

(I am SO happy you're here!)

terri said...

@ niel, my heart: Yes! You found me! The day you stop needing momma t is the day I curl up and cry till there are no more tears...love you so! ;)

@ Jim: Haha - thank you so much. I was afraid that I would have to stay up all night again...and can I borrow that WMD again? Thanks, my friend...LYM!

@ Quindigo: Woohoo! Thank you for the warm welcome and of course I will always have Bud Light Bottles for you...I will even front the labels in my fridge for you. But I have to warn you, the kids do insist on having food in there, too...just push it out of the way. Limes are in the Dairy drawer. I don't know why. :)

Jorge said...

Welcome to your new home! Consider yourself linked. :)

terri said...

Jorge: WOOOHOO! Now that is truly a housewarming gift...;)