Catching Up

Aahhh...I am a bit out of touch. My schedule has been interrupted by my accomplishment of one goal - integrating myself into every area of my new workplace. It is a fetish of mine, this having to know how to do everyone's position. It has to be an ego thing. I should be ashamed because of just such a possibility, but I am also very excited to weave my way into areas that will produce new connections and opportunities. Okay - lets just be honest and say it like this: The grass is always greener on the other side, and I always want to be doing what someone ELSE is doing instead of what I am obligated to do. The short attention span doesn't help. Neither does the boredome that increases in astounding increments when I accomplish a task. Whatever. Good thing I am paid by the hour and have a very understanding family...my next few days are going to be 13 hour days, and I LOVE IT!

Tonight I got to work with an honest-to-God-mail-order-bride. She is from the Philippines, pregnant, tiny, English poor - and utterly amazing. She has no idea that I know that her homelife is awful - and I am sure she won't tell me (for a very long time) the intricate details of her life. As I followed her tonight from patient to patient and listened to her interactions with wounded, sick and scared people I was taken aback by how just one soul could change the tone in a room. So careful, she, and warm. Warm to those who verbally abused her in their fog of medication and warm to those who responded kindly to her administrations. Complete in herself, she never let a single interaction phase how she approached the next patient. I know that she will never get to see the ripple effect her personality has on their hospital experience. And I am sure that it wouldn't change anything about her if she DID get to see how far her kindness extended.

I asked her permission to follow her again tomorrow night...I want to be a first-hand observer forever to her magic. The manager has much to learn from the employee.


Jeff said...

Perfectionist? ARD? There is much to learn, grasshopper. Don't fret, you are in good company, my friend. Those traits are what make the best rise above the rest!

terri said...

*beaming* thanks Jeff. What does ARD stand for? Attention Re....something disorder? ;)