I got a massage today. It was so beautiful and wonderful...my therapist believes that a good massage includes never losing contact with the body, even to retrieve more oils. I guess I was more jacked up than I thought, because all I have done since I got home is sleep. Come to think of it...thats what I did when I was there, too. Snoring, drooling, twitching slumber. Which is wonderful...unless your husband wakes you up from that sleep so that you can go downstairs and try to get back to that sleep...aaaargh! We are gonna need to have a talk, I think.

I am now guzzling wine and eating chocolate donuts, trying to decide whether or not to do my pilates tonight or tomorrow. But I have not stolen even one teensy weensy puff from MyGuys smokes...and I am going to celebrate that small accomplishment to the fullest. Lets hope my celebrating makes me tired again.

Here is another pic from the International 3D. OH!~ such fun. ;)
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