Tonight I am reminding myself over and over to breathe. Just breathe, d*mmit! Can it really be that difficult? And yet, I will go several seconds at the long end of an exhale -forgetting to bring the air back in.

This time of the day is the hardest for me...this is the time of day that I always lose my Quit. (But I won't today. Maybe tomorrow...but not today.) The kids and MyGuy have gone to bed, the house is quiet (except for the SkeeterKitty playing catch with a piece to the long-ago-discarded milk lid. Where does she find these things?) and my mind is free to replay all of the day's havoc in slow motion. SloMo just in case I forget to panic sufficiently if it runs through events too fast...

Miss E assures me that the many phone calls, text messages, e-mails and MySpace communications that she gleefully sends will be fine with her parents. Why am I not sure? I had to put my foot down and say no more - no more until I hear from your parents. How odd and mean...Gawd, I hope her parents hurry UP!

MyGuy bought a beautifulhotsexyguygoingthroughmidlifecrisis motorcycle after work today. I made sure to include my name on the title, so that if I ever have to knock it over in some seedy hotel parking lot the insurance will cover the damage or the payoff - either is fine with me.

Another worry about this? He doesn't even have his motorcycle license! He promises me that he will have it before the week is out. D*mn right he will. 'Cause the insurance will not pay for the damage or the payoff when I have to knock over his bike in some seedy hotel parking lot if he is not properly licensed.

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