Thought Crimes

Good Lord, I am in TROUBLE!...for something I did not do. But I am taking the heat because there are lots of things I HAVE done that I never got in trouble for...like maxing out my VS card and "borrowing" from savings to pay it back.

MyGuy actually thinks that I was flirting with the Pizza Delivery Boy. Now, he is not a jealous man as a rule, but tonight was different. Poor PDB asked about my car (gas mileage, comfort, affordability - guy questions) and I, being vain about my car, answered every question in animated detail. I think MyGuy misunderstood the exhibited passion and excitement, and thought it was aimed at the Boy instead. Ugh. Needless to say, my pizza didn't go down very well tonight.

The sad part is that MyGuy has lots of legitimate reasons to complain - he just isn't in touch with his feelings enough to put them in words. So his general discomfort comes lashing out at random stupid things like this...

But like I said, I am saying "I am so sorry." And meaning it- but not for tonight...

I am going shopping in the morning. ;)
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