Looking Down My Nose

I am trying so hard not to let the little things get to me. To count my blessings. To look the other way and have grace and mercy towards others who obviously don't get to enjoy the quality of life that I do. Call it a lack of nicotine, call it a bad case of NIMBY, whatever you want to term it is fine with me - but I cannot get past my obvious distress at how the renters across the street are affecting my little quiet and peaceful world. The third family they just finished adding to the house parks their cars under my trees. The parties on the front lawn and in the street last way past my children's bedtime with their car stereo providing the neighborhood with thump-thump pulse. I would enjoy their music much more if I could hear anything else BUT the thump-thump-polka-crap that makes me feel like I am coming out of my skin. ( I am very aware that I am sounding old...)

Please let me say that if I lived downtown - which I would do in a heartbeat - I would not only enjoy this environment, I would revel in it! But I live in a quiet, beautiful green neighborhood with the property taxes and an ancient nieighbor etiquette to prove it. And I have three children who do not need to see a grown man throwing things out his windows and doors while screaming "f*ck you, b*tch!" at the top of his lungs. It isn't good for anyone. (I do, however, agree with his assesment of his lovely wife.)

So. What do I do? They are not improving their act in order to avoid my bitter and seething, boiling dirty looks, so behaviour modification is out. The dog catcher only returns their pit bull to them - even though he has been called out 7 times - so using the pet as leverage is out. They don't seem to care that they have gotten into it at least once with every neighbor we have...and they live on the corner lot! So the socialization/isolation method is not beneficial.

I have two options left. I can go over and treat them like rational human beings that care about their (and our) quality of life. Which they aren't and they DON'T - so that would be an excercise in practicing good character on my part alone. OR - I can call their landlord tomorrow and start waging a continual war on that poor man until he gets something done with this mess he allowed into my little world.

Please form a single line to chastise me...I truly am ashamed of my black heart.
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