...and I am done with it. I think I overdosed on my own drama and made myself sick.

Nobody is worth that.

I don't want to think about it, talk about it, or cry about it anymore.

Let's go have a drink.


** said...

I'm so knee deep in mine, I can't see yours?!

Since I don't keep in touch with, call, text, or associate with anyone any more *sigh* *not proud* I made the same kind of telephone call to my oldest brother as you did in your 10/7/10 blog entry.

Fight the fight, its all we can do. You touch me as always.

I THOUGHT I was so mentally healthy - turns out BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.


terri said...

Oh, Beck. I have missed you so...will you please call, txt, write again? <3

not twitter said...

I'll have a Guinness then.

ColleenQ said...

Better make it a double...