Little girls, Little girls

My daughter is a senior this year. I am not sure what to do with that. It's a fact that my head refuses to recognize because in my eyes - she is still my baby!

So beautiful. So smart. So amazing. I am proud beyond measure.

She doesn't like me to speak of it, but it was just two and a half years ago that she was txting her dad from Disneyland, telling him that she was going to f'n kill me. ( I actually forgot about this - she reminded me, all the while asking me to forget about it. Crazy kid.)

Her heart is so very pure...so kind. God blessed/cursed her with a ministry to strays. Not animals - people. Stray people flock to her just to be near.

I know exactly how they feel.


Riff Dog said...

So you're saying that there's hope my eldest will grow out of this phase??? ;-)

Your daughter sounds like a great girl. She's a cutie, too! Funny to think these are the same kids who would give us butterfly kisses as we'd tuck them in and make sure their night light is on.

terri said...

Hi Riff!

...my favorite dog. :)

Nice to see you! Yes, it really is a shock to the system when they grow taller than you (you don't have that problem), and they start turning on their own night lights...:(