The Last Party

You all know my little running buddy - the girl who goes to shows and on road trips and random shopping forays with me just because I needed to get out of the house, who gets piercings and tatoos (okay - she didn't get a tatoo) with me just because I was feeling antsy, who can drink me under the table but takes turns with me so that one of us is always sober and able to take care of the other? Yeah, well, that girl is having a milestone today.

She is graduating from college. She is amazing. I can hardly remember what it felt like to have my whole adult life ahead of me...and here she goes into it with everything already set. Schools brawling over her to come teach there, contracts and incentive packages, the passion to make it all worth something in the end - and her general fantastic self, to boot. I am very proud.

And a little sad. She is growing up, and I am regressing - and I think we just passed each other.

I love you, Nela Girl. Congratulations!!!


Jeff said...

Niel, Congratulations!

Your friend Terri values your friendship so much! She has nothing but wonderful things to say about you, and coming from her, you must be an absolutely amazing person! Again, congrats on graduating, you deserve it!

terri said...

Thanks, Jeff. All that goodness in you just comes spillin' out, doesn't it?!

Niel said...

Mama T...This blog is my favorite ever (isn't anything that's all about me always a favorite?!?!) : ) I so love listening to your writing, because I can hear your voice coming through it so clearly. This blog is one of the most beautiful compliments that I've had paid. I'm so glad that the whole fam was able to make it for the party...Ever since you entered my life it just never seems complete unless there's a Terri and camera close by! I love you so much T...Thank you for all you do in my life...Niel
p.s. Thanks so much for your kind words Jeff! A friend of Ter's is always a friend of mine : )

terri said...

Love you too, Nela Girl. And there is always a Terri and camera close by...;)