Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...

Assignment- find one food word to describe who you are at this very moment: Hmmm.

I am an omelet. Yes. An omelet made by a four year old.

Scrambled. Jumbled. Full of great ingredients, but without a definable shape. (That's where the chef's age comes into play. The omelets you are accustomed to probably resemble a half circle which IS a shape. The omelet I am is a glop.)I am a fulfilling experience - unless you get too much of me, and then I will cause a belly ache. Also, too much of me will affect the health of your heart. Adversely, it seems.

Oh - and then there is the part where regular indulgence in me will create familiarity which will breed contempt. You will be sick of omelets.

I am light in color and sometimes fluffy. Occasionally, I will change up all of my ingredients and become a new creation. But alas - even with the reinventions, I am still just an omelet. I can pair well with any beverage, but Bloody Mary's bring out the best in me.

I guess being an omelet is better than being a pork chop. Or a brussel sprout.

What's YOUR food persona? ;)


ninetyninewords said...

I'm a plum. There's no way to tell whether I'm sour and bitter or sweet and juicy until you take a bite.
These days I'm consistently very unripe.

Haphazardkat said...

I'm a pomegranate. Hard to open but soft and magical yet oddly disturbing inside :)

ColleenQ said...

I'm cold pizza and flat beer - lots of potential, but not quite there.