Growing Pains

my friend cpababe from the Q and I

I am not a fan of growing. I am not a fan of change. I would prefer that everything remain the same once I get all of the details nailed down just where I want them. I arrange everything to suit me - really, I do. It is the most selfish thing ever. And then people move around. Situations are fluid. Things change. Time marches on. UGH.

Although I am always on the lookout for painful change and it doesn't (always) take me by surprise, it doesn't hurt any less when it comes around.

Don't get me wrong - there are changes that are miraculous and life altering in a good way! Even those good ones I seem to resist. That would be a great behavior to disect and diagnose, don't you think?

I am setting some goals today. I am taking some time to identify those things in my life that I want to expound upon and nurture. I am setting up some sort of a road map.

...and I will have to provide alternative routes for these times when everything goes differently than how I expect.

Because, yes, you know you were thinking it - change is inevitable.
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