Overly Smiley

I have a goal this week. 

I am going to omit emoticons from my texting and emails. 

Not really a big deal to most people, but I have been overusing them to the point of worrying that I am not expressing myself correctly if I do not have a smiley or frown or heart or other punctuated facial expression. I know, right? Here I am, a self-professed lover of words and communication, hooked on smileys for interpretation. I have to get a handle on this. (Imagine a frowny face here.)

Another thing I have given up: Alcohol. 

Boyfriend and I gave up alcohol for Lent. 

Having never observed the Lenten Season before, this was quite the leap of faith (adoration) for me. And guess what? It really isn't that big of a deal! I thought I would be jonesin' and cryin' in my green tea by now, but honestly - it hasn't come up as an issue. Well... except for maybe at the airport in Boston when I REALLY wanted a Blueberry Beer at the Brewery Works. Or when I went out for "drinks" with a girlfriend and ended up drinking a pot of coffee whilst she enjoyed vodka and Redbull. That kinda stank. But not enough to abandon my intentions. (I almost put a smiley here! Dammit!) 

What did you "give up for Lent" - if anything? Do you ever deprive yourself of something just to teach yourself restraint or dedication?

(Insert heart here.)
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