Willy Tank by tielji
Willy Tank, a photo by tielji on Flickr.
I am supposed to be studying. I have a huge speech to give tomorrow, and two papers to turn in.

I am rebelling.

I am working on pictures and cleaning out drawers and making myself notes to remember to send birthday and anniversary cards to obscure friends whose special occasion dates I just happen to remember even though I sometimes struggle to recall my own checking account number.

I am setting myself up for disaster and I have no earthly idea why.

Do you know why?

Will you tell me?


Laoch of Chicago said...


Jim said...


terri said...

True dat, Laoch.

Excitement indeed, Jim! About everything else except for my homework. Ugh.

CausedByKarma said...

because that is what a rebel does - pushes to the limit ... and then pushes some more.