Which way to Santa's House?

(cheers-ing our friend Jojo1962 from Quitnet over the phone)

One of the coolest things about my previous two years was quitting smoking. That in itself is quite the journey and mind trip. Besides better health and smelling sweeter, I also made the very best of internet friends.

The coolest part of internet friends? Meeting them in person and knowing them better than I know some family members.

Holidays are weird for me this year...meaning: I have no idea what I am doing. That was me in the picture up top on Thanksgiving - doing shots with my internet buddy Courtne. In Nebraska. That's right...I drove to NE so that I would not have to be alone.

I am a little worried about where I am going to end up on Christmas! HA! (Lock your doors, friends. )

(State Patrol in NE...not nearly as receptive to having their pic taken. Had to do it INSIDE the car.)
Don't speed in NE.
Have a great day!


Jim said...

1) Alaska is like 45,000 miles away from where you are. It takes 3 weeks to drive here - in summer.

2) It's winter here. 28 feet of snow and 40 below zero. My car is buried somewhere in the parking lot. I won't see it until spring.

3) There aren't many State Troopers up here but if they catch you speeding they make you trade in your car for a sled dog team.

4) It's dark all day and all night long - and incredibly depressing even for those with Suzy Sunshine dispositions. (It's always fun to watch them break and crumble under the strain...we sit around and take bets on who'll crack up next.)

Come on up and spend Christmas here in Alaska - we'll leave the light on for ya! :-)

Anonymous said...

Xmas in Canada? Let me know! I think there's an extra stocking around here.....

Great to see you here! can't wait to hear more from you!

Jeff said...

They've changed the format around here....I left the last comment about Christmas, but I can't identify myself, so I Am Canadian! (Quitpilot)

Becky said...

It is a miracle, a miracle you still have your license woman!

My door is open! We have booze! I am close by! We have a spare room!


Jojodancer said...

TERRI! You can come visit us!
I caught up on your blog and wish I was 'more here' for you these past few months.
So when are we going to have drinks with our guys?? This weekend?

Gorilla Bananas said...

You can visit me in the Congo as well, but you'll have to rough it with the other females.

Sher said...

Happy New Year Terri! I hope this year will treat you well. I miss you!

terri said...

Jim- I looked for the light...I heard it dimmed a bit when Esther went on her journey. Godspeed to her and I hope she hurrys home. And I hope that Santa dropped some big bags of supplies to you this holiday! Much love!

Aw, Jeff - you know I would recognize you anywhere. Quitpilot, anon - whatever! You are just unique like that. I am missing you, my Mayniac friend! Soon you will be celebrating three years with the rest of our May quitters. Wow. Amazing!

Beck! Get a new phone, girl. I have almost busted down your door many a time on my flight down the i25 speedway, but I can't tell if you are there or not. :)

Jo, my dear, lets get together every weekend. That sounds like an EXCELLENT plan. I sure do miss you!

Gorilla Bananas - other females? Oh, okay. I will try it next year. :)

Aw Sher...I miss you too! How wonderful to see you!! Lets go talk Catharis - I am almost healed up enough to be crazy enough for it.