Which way to Santa's House?

(cheers-ing our friend Jojo1962 from Quitnet over the phone)

One of the coolest things about my previous two years was quitting smoking. That in itself is quite the journey and mind trip. Besides better health and smelling sweeter, I also made the very best of internet friends.

The coolest part of internet friends? Meeting them in person and knowing them better than I know some family members.

Holidays are weird for me this year...meaning: I have no idea what I am doing. That was me in the picture up top on Thanksgiving - doing shots with my internet buddy Courtne. In Nebraska. That's right...I drove to NE so that I would not have to be alone.

I am a little worried about where I am going to end up on Christmas! HA! (Lock your doors, friends. )

(State Patrol in NE...not nearly as receptive to having their pic taken. Had to do it INSIDE the car.)
Don't speed in NE.
Have a great day!
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