OFGS - just spit it out!

I want to talk to you...I do! I want to share with you the insanity that swirls through my head and the waves of emotion that knock me down (good and bad) every single day. I want you to nod your head and make those reassuring sounds that friends make when they understand just.what.you.mean.

I want you to tell me that it is okay to start from scratch every blessed morning on the reinvention of terri. I want to hear that people understand and are not startled (or frustrated. or angry.) at all when I walk in and back out of their lives as if in a revolving door.

But mostly, I want to tell you about a boy. I haven't talked about him yet because I don't want to jinx it. And some days I am not even sure he is real. And some days I can convince myself that he isn't! But then I get to see him again, kiss him again, hear his voice rumble through my body when he holds me tight and speaks the words I need to hear...

Okay. I still can't talk about him. I will though...I promise.
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