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Writing has always been my "thing". My blogging started in '05 with MSN's Spaces ( I was writing at the Tow Away Zone! Clever, huh?) and then migrated to Blogger in '06 when all of my fellow bloggers did. I think Facebook was the death of our blogging. I can't be for sure of that fact, but as evidence, our blogging decreased as our FB'ing increased.

Twitter is another factor responsible for our (collective) decreased writing. I really haven't enjoyed Twitter all that much - that may be because 90% the tweets in my feed were either upsetting to me, offensive or political.  I never saw anything from people I actually knew, and if I did, I had already seen their post on Facebook! I refused to delete anyone because doing that made it seem that I am close-minded, judgmental and not open to anyone else's point of view. Which is exactly the opposite of who I want to be.

But, holy cats! My Twitter feed! It. Was. Infuriating.

So, I decided to take a look at who I was following - and who was following me. I guess I didn't know enough about what a good follower/followee relationship looked like when I started my tweeting...nor was there any rhyme or reason to who was included in my twits. I started hitting the unfollow button. And that brought me so much happiness that I kept hitting the unfollow button until there was nothing left but people I WANTED to follow (and who were following me)! My whole experience with this particular social media has just changed for the better. I know there is a life metaphor in there somewhere about how when we choose our companions well it makes our life happier...when I get it worded better I will be sure to tweet it!

(@terilyn1610) :-)
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